December 12th, 2007


I came in for this?

I woke up this morning in my snuggly new Polartec PJs (the Angel Fleece ones that are super light weight) SO warm, SO comfy, and I did NOT want to go into work because I had a feeling there was going to be nothing for me to do today. But I did not call in sick because I did not want to disappoint my boss.

He, of course, called in sick. The project I'm scheduled to be working on STILL isn't finalized and thus has no documentation for me to work on. I have nothing to do. Grr.

Anyway, with that excuse, I post my Free Will Astrology horoscope for this week, which I think sounds an awful lot like me, as usual.

Are your cohorts looking at you quizzically, wondering why you seem so energized from exploring the shadowy, off-limits places? I'll offer some suggestions about what you could say to them. First, try to make them see that until you've risked going too far, you may not know when to stop. Second, tell them that you suspect there are healthy desires buried at the roots of your dark feelings, and you're hoping to free them. Third, explain to them that you're not picking at your scabs in order to prolong your hurt, but rather to better understand the hurt. If those rationales are too subtle for your companions to understand, cackle softly and say that you just need to be a little bad in order to give your goodness more soul.

Drinks and food with spikeylady and shadowdaddy at Garlic and Shots last night nice, though it did give me a bit of an aura later when I went to the Blue Posts. Played a game of Scrabble but was feeling generally tired and worn down so went home not too late. It was a good night, I think.

Off to Pilates, now. This should help my mood for today.