December 14th, 2007


Thoughts on testing on a day in which I did none

Well. SUCH a boring day! My boss and his boss were here until 8:30 AM doing a DB migration thing ... all terribly boring but any hope of me being productive today was killed by non-delivery of project requirements and the fact everyone else was firefighting. I did have a fun lunch with my two lady coworkers, whom I should nickname ... hmm, Hecuba and Scarlett? It was supposed to be margaritas but we went for Italian food instead, which made me happy as I'd just been to Wahaca last night and wasn't in any great shape for drinking at work over lunch today.

I think I should post a bit about what I did yeserday during the day, though I'd like to not bore people overly much. I went to a QA conference, a one day event organized by the British Computer Society's Specialist Group In Software Testing. I had a hellish commute thanks to the Wimbledon branch of the District Line being all but closed, so I missed the opening talk on recruiting testers from the ranks of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I did, however, make three other talks of the four I could have seen: Preparing a business case and plan for investment in test (Declan Kavanagh, Irish); Extreme boundary testing (Robert Sabourin, Canadian); and Effective test process improvement (Fran O'Hara, Irish). I left my boss to attend "Managing complex test environments," which is seriously one of my least favorite potential aspects of my job - I prefer to leave this work to specialists. (And I can see many of your eyes are already starting to droop ...) Collapse )

Right, I'd write about the third talk, but instead I'm going to get the heck out of Dodge and get to work on my weekend!
Sea dragon

I just saw the coolest play. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.

So I just got back from seeing this great play, Train of Thought. It's a play in which you ride the tube and, thanks to some special headphones, you get to listen into other people's thoughts. Sometimes you can tell who it is; sometimes you don't. Here's the flyer if you're interested. Collapse ) I loved it and I should actually do a good write-up about it. Sadly, it's sold out through the rest of the run.

But instead of writing about it, I'm basically getting my jollies reliving my past thanks to YouTube. Here's a song I've been dying to do for karaoke for ages (but can't find for free).