December 16th, 2007

Sea dragon

Dang, I was busy today. Christmas party. Ethiopian food.

I was up and off to booklectic's for cohosting duties (and didn't even read LJ!) before noon today. However, this was Official Transportation Woe DayCollapse ) and BLAH BLAH BLAH an hour and a half later we are home and I'm thinking scarlettina had the right idea with the flannel sheets. I am, however, sad that we couldn't stop by a Chinese food joint and get some congee on the way home.

That said, what I'm really wanting to do here is witter on about the wonderful Ethiopian food we got last night. We went up to a place on Caledonian road, over the bridge that crosses the Camden canal, called Merkato (193A Caledonian road). I can't tell you how exciting it was to walk into a restaurant that smelled like frankincense and Doro Wat! There were hand painted portraits of Ethiopian women on the walls, embroidered table clothes, and chipper music playing over the loudspeakers - it was just like being back at Mesob in Seattle! And, unlike Queen of Sheba, our food, when it arrived, was in GENEROUS portions, and so, so tasty! The injera was flabby, alas (I don't think they used tef to make it), but when we ran out, they gave us more with no questions. We stuffed ourselves for 21 quid (just a bottled water, no beer), and for vegetarians you could feed two for 14, I'm pretty sure. We thought it was DELICIOUS and wonderful and I look forward to going there again!

Cold and sunny. Screw museums, I'm going for a walk.

It's freezing, more or less, outside right now. 37°F, BRR. I feel really sorry for the guy in the little rowing boat that just went for a swim in the Thames. That had to be cold. Fortunately he's out with a support boat, so he had plenty of help to get out of the water and stuff. Me, I would consider that all a prime sign that I was done for the day.

I started off the moring with a nice potato-y breakfast, cubes of taters sauteed with onions, garlic, peppers, chunks of sausage, and a bit of pancetta (think thick bacon, diced). I added some Konriko and a bit of butter to get 'er to crisp up better, than grated cheddar cheese across the whole thing and stuck it under the broiler long enough to make it bubbly. No wonder I'm always so tired on Sundays; all those carbs just make you want to nap!

Across London great things are happening: Millais at the Tate, "Art of Sienna" at the National Gallery, the haute couture show at the Victoria and Albert, and yet all I can think is that it's sunny, sunny, sunny and unlike five days of the week, I am free this very one and have nothing I really have to do other than buy more potatoes, cheese and onion. Thus, I am going to go for a walk with shadowdaddy and call it a Sunday that shall be, once again, well wasted.

The walk is over and so is the sun!

We're back from our stroll up the river - to Hammersmith and back. It was the first time I walked across the Hammersmith bridge and it was pretty neat. For some reason the bridge looked very brittle. On the way up I told shadowdaddy a story from teh "Book of Gay Fairy Tales" I'm reading, and he seemed to enjoy that. On the way back we talked about Life in London and how he's adjusting and whether or not we should buy a house and the usual heavy stuff we get into when we go for walks (somehow it just happens). We actually got sun on both banks of the river.

Now it's time for hot chocolate and grilled cheese sandwiches. I did the drinks, and I see shadowdaddy has got a sammy on a plate for me. See you later!
Sea dragon

Holiday schedule

I'm looking forward to a great two weeks. Here's what's happening:

19 Dec Wednesday: a warm-up boozerama with the work folks, then Kiki and Herb (with booklectic!)
20 Dec Thursday: dinner at robot_mel's.
21 Dec Friday: work lunch, then party chez us (Winterbrew! ask for details). End of work for two weeks!
22 Dec Sat: Pinocchio at the ROH with bathtubgin
23 Dec Sun: Handel's "Messiah" with Emma Kirkby singing and the company of rosamicula.
24 Dec Mon: butterbee arrives! Dinner at ours.
25 Dec Tues: Christmas with shadowdaddy, butterbee and wechsler. I think we'll be having goose.
26 Dec Weds: Boxing day Cinderella panto matinee!
27 Dec Thurs: Dennis Severs house tour, 6:30; possible trip to the Wellcome collection and the sleep exhibit.
28 Dec Friday or 29 Dec Saturday: Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake (getting details together - other night free).
30 Dec Sunday: Masque of the Red Death!
31 Dec Monday: Ye Olde New Year's Eve Bash!
1 Jan Tuesday: recovery.
2 Jan Wednesday: my one day of work.
3 Jan Thursday: go to Paris with butterbee.
4 Jan Friday: more Paris!
5 Jan Sat: return in time for evening shenanigans.
6 Jan Sun: anticipate return to work *sigh*
7 Jan Mon: butterbee leaves. Wah.
8 Jan Tuesday: see Les Patineurs at the ROH; mourn the end of the festive season over mulled wine.