December 17th, 2007

Proust book

Proust update; dreams; Sunday; Santa

Proust (Sodom and Gomorrah) currently at page 376. He's got insomnia; I had it, too. I dreamed I had been arrested for getting on a freight train instead of the tube and was being held in an ignorant commuter reeducation center, but they kept forgetting I was there, forgetting to educate me, forgetting to feed me. I called my mom in the hospital to let her know I was going to be very late getting home. Finally, I asked a man who looked like he was in charge to call a cab to take me home, and he did, but the cab also just basically never showed up ... and then I woke up.

We had alex_tiefling and friend_of_tofu over for pasta e fagiole and a round of Alhambra last night (I won by four points; A, despite being a newb, played a VERY competetive game and it was only my amazing Exterior Wall Of 11 Points in the first round that pushed me over the top). After they left, I had a great chat with my sister in Arizona. She'll definitely be coming out in April, with her husband, for a combination UK/Italy tour, sometime in late April. It will be a blast!

Meanwhile, I want Santa to bring me this, but I would have had to put in a request before he went to Vegas. Oh well.

The year winds down to its tiny end

After work today wechsler came over and had the leftovers from last night - only I added sausage to them and they were DEEE-LISH. As a sop to shadowdaddy (who said, "What, that again?), I also made a five cheese sauce (cheddar plus some leftover cheese from Portugal) and we had "half and half" pasta stuff. Mmm mmm mmm.

Since Mr. George is rather sick, we sent him home, then settled down to a two-player round of Alhambra, which I won by about a lap. Now I'm thinking about sending Christmas cards and dogging J about buying some presents for various relatives of his he's forgotten about, despite the fact we've got checks from them sitting on our fridge. Tacky!

Right, tomorrow: nothing like Blade Runner for a little Christmas cheer. Anyone want to join us for a 6:10 show?