December 20th, 2007

Sea dragon

Failure to ignite, weekday edition

Wow, my accomplishment of the day was walking to the apartment's office and picking my Christmas present from my dad. Oh, wait, I also took a shower! And I've made not just poached eggs, but I've also heated up some turkey and barley soup I had frozen after Thanksgiving. I am a human dynamo!

So yeah, I think this is a real sick and not just slacking off, er, "skiving." shadowdaddy is also down for the count, which, to be honest, has made for a much better day at home. At least we can keep each other warm as we doze the afternoon away. I cancelled our dinner with robot_mel - as I stood in the bedroom watching shadowdaddy sleep at three in the afternoon. He wasn't going anywhere, and neither was (or am) I. So hurray for frozen soup in the fridge. Let's hope we can pick it up and be well enough to have people over tomorrow.

I'm looking at all of the 2007 retrospective posts, and I have two thoughts about them: they're too much work (to write or really even to read) and I'm too busy with NOW to do one myself. Frankly, I'm all excited about 2008, and so busy making plans for the future I've hardly got time to look back on the past.

My 2007 retrospective post goes like this: I'm happy and there are more fun things to look forward to next year! I don't know what the future holds, but I didn't this time last year, either. I'll keep blundering along and at some point, maybe in the summer, I'll see about coming up with some big plans, like buying a house here or really figuring out what to do with my career. How's that?

Oh, and after a full year here I can say with certainty that moving to London was absolutely the right thing for me to do. I really don't see how I could ever want to move back.
Sea dragon

Baby, it's cold out side

We just got through watching Elf, which, if I'm not mistaken, my brother gave us as a present some years back. I'd forgotten how it ends. Sad to say, the movie was making me laugh so much I was crying, and in the final scene I had to wipe my eyes on my sleeve. Aren't I a sap?

In other news, I took my temperature (when I realized I was feeling sweaty), and I have a fever! 101 degrees. J is normal (as it were). Not sure what this means for tomorrow in general, both going to work and having the party in the evening.