December 22nd, 2007


V&A Couture/Dior exhibit and Pinocchio ballet at the Royal Opera House

I'm actually a bit tired so I'll make this brief.

I had a most marvellous afternoon in the company of bathtubgin, shadowdaddy and formercoworkerJosh at the Victoria and Albert Museum. We started having tea in the Morris rooms (so lovely!), then went to the couture exhibit where we oohed and aahed over the lovely Dior (and other) dresses and marvelled at the underwear needed to wear these dresses. bathtubgin and I discussed forming our own little atelier to make custom shoes. It was really fun.

Afterwards Josh left and the rest of us went to Wahaca for a FAB dinner, then to the Royal Opera House for the misbilled Pinocchio. It wasn't a ballet; it was a sung opera, in that irritating modern style, with accordion music backing it (making no fans in shadowdaddy). It wasn't the worst thing I've ever seen, but I was grateful that it was short, and during the scene in the whale, I pointed out to bathtubgin, "Look! They're swimming toward the denouement!" I also mentioned to her that she's young enough now to know to skip it if they revive it.

Now I'm home, I've had my cider, and it's time for a shower and bed. A happy solstice to all as it was one day late this year.