December 23rd, 2007

Sea dragon

Merry Christmas to Us!

So in addition to a butterbee for Christmas, our other gift to us is ....

a trip to Egypt!

I booked the tickets today and I'm very excited. In some ways it's my gift to us, since it's being substantially funded through the weekends I worked earlier this year, but still ... Pyramids! The Sphinx! Luxor with no roulette tables! And a felucca ride! It'll be just like Stargate, I bet!

Hopefully when shadowdaddy realizes all my presents for him are basically crap he'll think of the trip and realize I'm not so bad after all.

I'm a big believer in giving experiences not stuff, so I'm excited about the idea of an experience we can talk about for years! If we move back to America we would never be able to afford to do this, so this has the double pleasure of just being outstandingly cool and of being something where we are taking advantage of the opportunities that are available for us now that we're living so much closer to other parts of the world than we used to.

In dull news, spent today doing grocery and Christmas shopping (I live in fear of being locked in my house with no food and all of the shops being closed), which just wore me completely out. I got big kick out of being in a bookstore desperately struggling for inspiration when I got a call from FormerCoworkerJosh, who was also desperately struggling for inspiration. I recommended to him that he get port for the people he's going to visit for Christmas, as liquor always goes over well, and that he sweeten it (as it were) with some rum. I mean, hey, that works for me, you know?

Anyway, I must rest a bit now. Tonight we're seeing a concert (Emma Kirkby performing The Messiah with Polyphony at St. John's Smith Square) with rosamicula, and I want to be in good shape. Thank goodness all I have to do is sit while I'm there!