December 24th, 2007

Sea dragon

Christmas Eve

Emma Kirkby cancelled her appearance at the Messiah we were meeting Rosamicula at tonight and what with our shitty behind-the-fucking huge pillar seats I just lost my passion for the evening and sold out for mulled wine at hers for intermission. Now we're on the _very last train_ home (which we wouldn't even have caught if some dude hadn't pointed out we were at an out of service bus stop) and on our way home and I can't feel my face. I'd say that's mulled wine for the win, though maybe I should give some credit to the rum that came out around ten or so.
disco ball

The Butterbee has landed!

I woke up and thought, "I can has Des" because she and shadowdaddy were just walking in the door. Despite all of the stress dreams I had between the time he went to the airport and the time they came back, they actually made it and all of the bad things I thought might happen didn't. I was still staggering around a bit from my late night last night, but I finally got it together and we went up the street to the Railway for a late pub breakfast, then split up to do Sekrit Errands.

My present from wechsler showed up today and I've been told I should open it tonight as it's edible. I'm kind of excited about that.

I have a few more things to wrap but all of the shopping is taken care of, and if it isn't, I don't care. I have great people to celebrate with toda and I feel pretty darn happy. Now I'm going to take a nap (because I'm still recovering from my cold and I'm very easily tired), and when I get up I'm going to pop the goose into the oven. Yay! Christmas! Eating roast beef and drinking mulled wine at rosamiculas while we talk about what makes people tick; breakfast at a pub with shadowdaddy, butterbee, and wechsler - what more could I want under my tree?
Christmas tree

I has made goose

I did my best with the goose but I wasn't entirely pleased with it. That said, we still about stripped the bird.

Now the sink is full of dirty dishes and I am full of rosamicula's lemon trifle. I'm too tired to do any more cleaning. butterbee is surprised by how well the conversation flowed all night; I'm just sorry I couldn't have spent the evening talking to everyone instead of cooking. But that's why they have restaurants, I suppose.

For some reason the church outside was ringing bells like mad about 20 minutes back. I wonder why?

I'm so ready for this cold to be over, over, over with ... I can't even shop without getting exhausted! Maybe I'll get lucky and someone will do all of the work with me tomorrow. HAH.