December 31st, 2007


I am a moron

Well, I made it out of Masque in a great mood - but I left my Oyster, my debit card, and my credit card somewhere in the Battersea Arts Center. And the 20 I was repaid for a ticket fluttered out of my wallet, too.

Dammit. I had a good night but I'm really not happy about this.
Sea dragon

Preparing for a nightmare

I do not envy you, poor lad/ When you get into bed / After the supper you have had/ After the book you've read/ What! pork and pickles, and a prize sensation novel too!/ Why even now to your dazed eyes / The light is burning blue! (Full text and better graphic here.)

Jasper Morello

Stress dreams thanks to losing bank cards

Man, I had bad dreams last night. I went to sleep with my heart racing about the lost credit cards think, and I dreamed:
1) I was a strawberry blonde woman who'd been kidnapped by a sexual predator. He kept driving me from one place to another and hitting me in the car. I didn't know what he was going to do to me. I pleaded for help my writing my name on a food stall with a piece of cheese.
2) I was obliged to go back to school to get one last credit of English in order to prove ... something (possibly for work or maybe this was something for keeping my work permit here). I was back at a school with 40000 people and no one had time to help me figure out which of the 200 different kinds of English classes were the right one for my needs.
3) I'd somehow managed to take a FOUR HOUR lunch and was trying to tell my boss that I had overrun my time but didn't know how to say it. As it turns out, I was running late because shadowdaddy and I were getting legal advice on 1) staying in the country and 2) hyphenating our last names. Bizarre.

Anyway, I slept like crap and the second I got up I cancelled them both. Now I have to figure out how to get a new Oyster card.
Queen Apple

Too many things to keep up with posting

I swear to God I am about taking a day off just to catch up with blogging. There's also dishes, grocery shopping, Christmas tree dismantling and other things to attend to, but I am really feeling the pressure of being behind on my blogging! That said I realize most people who have me on their friends list don't give a rat's patootie about my trips to see plays and look at paintings, so I've put my review of Matthew Bourne's Nutcracker on the Wordpress site I created a few weeks back to handle my authorial overflow. I need to review the "Painting of Modern Life" show (er, well, yesterday was the last day to see it, so who really cares other than ms_vermilion) and the sleep exhibit we went to at the Wellcome as well as Masque of the Red Death still. But today is taking it easy day - I want to make sure everyone is in good shape so we can make it to the party tonight and be bright and shiny.

Er, yeah, about Masque: does anyone want to go back, say in April? It was really just cool as snot and it has been extended and I realized at the end of the night when I was looking for my lost cards that I'd actually missed many rooms in there still.

Exciting moments from Masque: while in the bar, I was picked for a mind reading exercise in which Mr. Usher attempted to figure out what initials I had in my mind. (JM! How shocking!) After I left I was trapped in a room by an elder actor, who kicked everyone else out, gave me absinthe, and begged the forgiveness of me, his "long lost sister, Rose." I also had another actor reach out to me, and when I reached back, he said, "See! See how the spirits respond to me!" I was very pleased to have so much interaction, and I guess wearing the Victorian costume really did work for me. (If only I had not tried for authenticity with my damned bag!)

Also re: lost Oyster card: it's a good thing my pass had expired as the card I have registered is the one shadowdaddy has. So the 8 quid pay as you go I had on that is lost to the winds. I guess only being down 30 from losing the contents of your wallet isn't so bad.