January 2nd, 2008


After staying up until 3 AM Monday night, this shouldn't be a surprise

Wow, WORLD CLASS craptacular night's sleep last night. I was in bed with my eyes shut at 11:10 and awake when shadowdaddy came to bed half an hour later. Then it was a fair bit of free association (trip to Madrid, my friend Helen Hestenes from the Phoenix days, how I can get work to send me to that conference, what I'm supposed to be doing there today) and at 12:45 I decided to have a look at the clock just to see how I was doing. I finally broke down at that point and took some melatonin (I'd already been up, what, four times) even though I knew it was going to make getting up that much harder. But hey, I was up at 5:45 and 6:30 anyway, or at least I looked at the clock then, and finally gave up and got out of bed a few minutes ago. It's not like I was sleeping. (My normal get out of bed time is 7:20, for those who care).

I really, really try for 8 hours of sleep a night lest I sit in bed - I mean, sit in my chair - doing little other than keeping it warm. I have to be able to do some good thinking to get my work done and even a little sleep dep seriously impairs my performance. I'm screwed for today.

It makes me bitter to see how pitch black it is outside right now and how little traffic there is on the streets. I feel like I'm up at the crack of fucking dawn right now only it's not even dawn yet and most of London looks like they're taking today off, too, damn their sleeping eyes.

I don't know how much of this is due to how lackadaisical my sleep patterns have been over the last ten days or if maybe the five little cups of "competition grade Ti Kuan Yin" tea I had during the four o'clock hour yesterday really got to me or what. And I've heard melatonin cannot be bought here and I'm down to three tabs. That's going to make me seriously miserable.

That said, yesterday was a pretty fun day. butterbee appears to be coming down with a cold and was moving pretty slowly for most of the day, so we never really left the house. Instead, wechsler came over in the afternoon and spent the day hanging out with us. We played Puerto Rico (we all were not on top of our game) in the afternoon, had dinner, then got in a round of Guillotine afterwards. At some point, shadowdaddy and I moved the new chest of drawers into the bedroom, and I spent a bit of time reshuffling my clothes out of the old one and into the new. The transfer isn't finished yet, but it does look pretty handsome and I do have a lot more room that before.

God, I must have breakfast now. AAARGH. All of those days of 10 hours of sleep undone at one blow!

Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you may diet

I'd like to see about getting my eating habits under better control - no more gaining 7-10 pounds every year. And I know I eat too much and I've stopped paying attention to portion control.

I had really good luck with Weight Watchers in the past, though I have no intention of going to any meetings, just using their online tools. Is anyone interested in doing this with me? Unlike Atkins and Ornish, you can eat anything, really, but ... well, if I could only show you the Cosmo article I read many years ago comparing the three, you'd see that WW is the only sensible one out there - much less abandonment due to feelings of scarcity (that's not the right word but I'm hardly at my best right now).

I'm just interested in doing this for three months at present, and I want a buddy so we can cheerlead each other. Hopefully I'm not being triggering in anyway - I'm just tired of my gut hanging over my waistband and constantly having to buy new clothes because I don't fit in my old ones.

Bueller? Anyone?

(By the way, there's an article on the topic in today's New York Times. Summary: eat less and exercise more and you will lose weight (slowly!) and be healthier. "Meals replete with vegetables, fruits and whole grains and a small serving of a protein-rich food remain the gold standard of a wholesome diet." Yum! It also reminds vegenarians to add B12 to their diet to reduce the chance of senility.)
Proust book

I am slipping! (Book blogging)

Somehow I actually read 38 books this past year. I just discovered another one I forgot - Eduard Morike's Mozart's Journey to Prague, a bizarre little novel I read as part of the "Blog a Penguin Classic" event. A lot of you signed up for this: did any of you finish your books?

I am being stymied in my efforts to get a hardback of my next volume of Proust. I even had a kindly person at Penguin send me the ISBN to help in my book searching. Number 9780713996081, where are you? It appears that everyone that got a hardback copy of the latest translation of The Prisoner and the Fugitive is holding on to it tightly. Seriously, the only place that's given me even a whiff of a hope of getting a copy is some bookstore in Turkey (go figure). Meanwhile, my addled brain has devoted rather a lot of time looking at sites about Proust. I am especially fascinated by the various characters said to inspire his characters. The seductive, secretive lady who convinces a well-placed man to marry her and ruins his social standing, setting herself up for a life in which she can never be invited to the same parties her husband is? Laure Hayman. The gorgeous duchess whose parties our narrator long dreamed of, and yet who turns out (in my mind) to love only herself? The Comtesse Greffulhe, whose husband cares not for art at all and is the perfect snob and looks exactly as I pictured him. (I also did some research on some Proustian places in Paris, so that I might visit them while we are there and have a remembrance of things passed, as it were. We'll see which we have the time to see, or if we'll just be talking about looking for the time we lost while we were there, doing other things.)

I've also put in a request for my boss and his boss to get funded to go to the conference in May. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
Sea dragon

This is my exciting life. Here me roar.

J and I booked our butts out of work at 5 sharp (after we both applied for our season ticket loans and after I asked my boss and his boss if they could please please fund sending me to the conference) and made it home just before 6. I didn't feel like cooking any more so we went to Wagamama for dinner. Ooh baby.

Meanwhile, it turns out they've got my credit cards and everything in Clapham - everything, that is, except for the twenty pounds that was with them. Oh well, a bit much to ask, I suppose. I'm thinking I may volunteer to work at Masque of the Red Death - otherwise, I'll never really get to understand what is going on. The three of us, we've been drinking port and playing Uno tonight. Not bad, really - it's been a good evening, I think.