January 3rd, 2008

Sea dragon

The name on everybody's lips is going to be ... cashmere

My second Ebay cashmere sweater showed up yesterday. It's dark grey with what look like brush strokes on it. If it says anything in Chinese (or Japanese), it's at a degree of abstraction I can't translate. I'm wearing it now and it's soft and feels nice. It's also vitally necessary given the cold.

I've been cooking and cooking and COOKING and cooking and cooking for the last two weeks and I'm getting damned tired of it. Fortunately shadowdaddy was nice and made breakfast today, as he has many mornings. Unfortunately he forgot that he left something on a burner on the stove and now the house smells like burnt pancake. Yuck.

I've decided that in addition to packing for my trip I want to have the house in slightly better order (odor?) that it would be, so I decided to do some dishes before we left, buy toliet paper, and get a bit of food for breakfast Sunday AM. We are supposed to go clubbing Saturday night, but I have a sneaking suspicion that after we roll off of the train we'll be too exhausted to do much of anything, much less go home, get changed, and go out again. I do very much think we'll be hitting Yoisho for some Japanese food on the way back, if they're open. YUUUM.

Now really what I have to do is to pack. I'm nearly done with it although I suspect I'll forget something, like I always do. My cat is sad about the idea of me leaving as I appear to be the warmest thing in the house right now. Oh, wait, no - she just wants to lay on the laptop. On top of my hands. This is making typing difficult. I think she's going to find it even more distressing when I finish this entry and move ...