January 5th, 2008

Sea dragon

Last day in Paris

After the bitter cold rain last night (hardly ideal for an evening tour of the Tour, but tolerable once we got on the bateau mouche), today is practically clear and seems ideal for walking around. Given that J and Des both slept like crap, I've decided I want to make today a Let's Be Geeks tourist day and go to the Bois de Boulogne and relive some key scenes from Proust's "Swann's Way." I found a great article online detailing the original names and orientations of the paths Odette used to walk, so we'll be able to retrace her route today. Also, I'm planning on visiting Mariage Freres for some more Darjeeling oolong, loading up on French cider, and hopefully making it to LaDuree for some macaroons. (Also, big props to TimeOut Paris for recommending Le Sancerre for dinner - it was great!)
(I didn't get this mailed until I got back though I wrote it at 10 AM - sorry about that - the phone's battery died shortly after we checked out of the hotel. No, I'm not going out tonight, I am sick and dizzy and lethargic isn't my idea of a good headspace to be in for clubbing.)