January 7th, 2008

Sea dragon

Back to the grind; Proust update; general update

Everyone's back in the office. There are bugs that need to be fixed on live, the build is late, and some of the websites are having problems. Same old, same old, you know? But butterbee is leaving. It's going to be quiet without her around - she had made the house quite sparkly for the last two weeks. She was a great Christmas present. :-)

I talked to the CTO while I was getting settled this morning and he said RBI officially supports people going to conferences, and I just needed to get a costs sheet written up. So I'll be doing that soon. I'm excited about the idea of getting to present a paper - that will be cool!

I picked Proust back up this morning after a break of at least two weeks. I'm at page 405 of Sodom and Gomorrah - just 105 pages left to go, and then two more novels. I'm hoping to get it done before the end of the year. It was cool seeing Proust's Paris - his bedroom, the Bois du Boulogne, the streets his characters strolled down, paintings of the people he knew (and fictionalized). I've found Paris' architecture quite boring in the past (Belle Epoque is not my thing), but my eyes were refreshed this trip. With luck I'll get to see Cabourg this summer, too, and then "Illiers-Combray" (renamed to include his fake name, isn't it funny? - like Truth or Consequences, New Mexico).

I want to go up the street and get a copy of the book The Victorians I passed on before Christmas, as the bookseller was closed right after New Year's (still). But I also need to go get my new credit card and cash card (aren't I looking forward to seeing them again?). And ... I'm still sick, so I'm moving slowly. We'll see what I manage to accomplish.

Stupid cold. Need a sleeping bag.

The cold is getting to me and I'm feeling a bit weak and woozy. Just two and a half more hours! I took some more cold medicine half an hour ago, and I also changed from my sweater into a t-shirt I had for going to the gym - somehow I'd gotten overheated (the cold takes the blame again, I think) and the thin covering of wool seemed just a bit too much.

Also, I need a sleeping bag - well, two really - for our upcoming trip to Egypt. Can anyone lend us one? It doesn't need to be too thick, just enough to keep us comfy for two nights on a boat.

Cruelly, the sun disappeared just when I went for my walk, and was replaced by chilly rain. Talk about "discrete charm" - this English weather has quite worn out its welcome with me. Too bad I've got three more months of it yet.
I Miss America

In which the Democratic party of the State of Washington disenfranchises me

Wow. Because the Washington state Dems have chosen to go with a caucus for selecting the presidential candidate instead of doing it via ballot (with the Washington state primary election - a hollow fraud now, ignored by both parties), I am now

OFFICIALLY DISENFRANCHISED and unable to participate in the primary presidential elections in the United States. If you're not in the military, or going to church on Saturday, or disabled, they won't give you a waiver.

I would have to fly to the United States to physically participate.

I am furious. I will never give the Washington State Democrats another penny of my money.

PS: My cold has moved into my chest, and I wasn't having a fever again this afternoon - the office was for some reason at 26 degrees (85 or so for the 'merkins).