January 9th, 2008

Sea dragon

The cold marches on; melatonin for the win

I'm congested as all hell this morning. Work yesterday was like being in a typhus ward; I could hear people hacking and coughing all up and down my side of the building. It was pathetic. One of my coworkers gave up and went home sick around lunch.

That said, I took one of my precious melatonin last night and finally got some serious sleep. Car noise? Not enough to break through my fog of sleep. Aaaah. Dreams were a much more sedate affair - something involving mice cookies.

That said, I'm hacking and coughing like a champ right now and I think I should pick up a decongestant before I get into work so I can resume my regularly scheduled breathing. Gah.

Dear lazyweb

If you are making a season ticket Oyster purchase (or your company is doing it for you), to whom do you make out your check?

I thought it was Transportation for London but my HR group says 1) that's not right and 2) they don't know what it should be. I looked on TFL and couldn't find the information anywhere because their website is organized ineffectively. I found the recommendation (from HR) that I "walk to the tube station and ask them" not particularly time effective.

Can you help?

(RE: illness: I bought two different kinds of drugs before I got into work, non-drowsy Sudafed with pseudoephedrine (only available behind the counter) and Beechams Active cold relief caplets (currently making me feel ace). TWO of my coworkers are out sick - the one who left early yesterday and the guy who sits next to her. Let's just hope I've been through whatever they have and am not at danger of getting something new. Also, yesterday I read your best bets for staving of colds were 1) washing your hands with SOAP, not a disinfectant and 2) wearing GLOVES on the tube? They added that masks did nothing. Anyone else remember seeing this article?)
Sea dragon

Consumer reports: Live in London!

In a consumer test done today comparing Beecham's Active cold relief capsules versus Sudafed decongestant, the winner is:

Beechams! It has caffeine in it (bad), but the overall feeling of relief is better. Or, hey, maybe it's just the end of the day and I'd just be feeling crappy now no matter what. That said, down the hatch they go. I am joyously decongested still but I just don't feel so swell, and it's time for another dose of something - and I'm choosing the orange pills. Oh, and mint tea.

done for tonight

I finished eating dinner half an hour ago. J looked at me and told me to go lay down. So I'm on the couch now reading. Niiiiice couch. So comfy.

My dinner guest cancelled and I was so relieved. I still cooked and it wiped me out. I am stupid.

For some reason I began to ache tremendously this afternoon. All of my massage was undone. When W showed up (not a guest anymore, more like family), he actually came in the kitchen and rubbed my back while I rolled enchiladas. It was really nice. He and J cleaned up after dinner and W did extra dishes. It was all a major relief.

I got a package today from my SIL, a note about "something" from Parcelforce, and a note from J's aunt saying they'd tried to send us something - so two more packages on the way. Nice.

Back to Dragonhaven now. It really is a very good book.