January 10th, 2008


Sick and tired of being sick ... and tired

Up at three AM for a spectacular coughing fit. Really annoying. Thought about getting online to bitch about it but didn't want to reduce the chance of my getting back to sleep in even the least little way. Then the gods smiled on me and I found some cough syrup I don't remember buying in the cabinet in the bathroom. 4 AM to 7:30: zonked out, drooling on my pillow.

Now I'm going to take a quick shower because all of the exercise (of coughing my lungs out) got me pretty warm.

I'm so done with this cold. Isn't three days long enough? Thank goodness I had so few plans this week.
Sea dragon

My cough drops are making me popular

I found a bag of Luden's honey cough drops and I'm passing them around the office. I was called an angel by one of my coworkers. It was very endearing.

Crap du jour: landlady wants to know where the rent increase that was supposed to go into effect in October has gone to and wants back rent to the tune of, oh, a few monthly travelcards. Shall attempt to postpone her until next month. Not sure why the paperwork never came to mine - I thought she'd decided against the rise since I was a good tenant! And I couldn't remember what the increase was because the "negotiations" with Foxtons was all done while I was not yet awake from a nap. Boo.

Gorgeous music (for thewronghands): I spend all day listening to Baroque FM, as it's "music to write test cases to" (no words), and yesterday I heard something totally brilliant: Emma Kirby singing a Bach Chaconne. I took down some notes ("Tombeau de la Partita," BVW 1004) and found a reference to it online (this one more informative but this Korean one appears to have music attached to it). Now I need to get an actual recording of it ...
Sea dragon

I'll take tomorrow to recover

I sound like Selma, Marge Simpson's sister. "You should have never married that man, Marge," I said in my new "I smoke a pack a day" voice, and the office cracked up.

I'd also just been given approval to take tomorrow off "unless I have a profound recovery tomorrow." I am sick and I sound sick. I have nothing pressing to attend to other than writing test cases and there's no reason for me to be killing myself like this. So I won't. (Yes, I could have gone home earlier today, but after the effort of actually making it in, I thought I'd rather just sit quietly at my desk. It's not particularly tiring, after all. And I do get bored at home.)

The CTO guy was dogging my boss for my costing for the conference. This means he's interested in it. I managed to work it out so that the 3 day version of the conference was just as cheap as going for 8 days so I got a Saturday night stay and reduced airfare - and two more days of conferene. This is cool. I think I'm going to get to go.

Right, that's my lung in my lap. I'm off for today - just going to set my OOF message first.