January 11th, 2008

Sea dragon

Death by creeping gunk

I've been up sporadically coughing my lungs out (just in bits, not continually) for around an hour now. I guess you can say the meds I took last night have worb off. At least I don't have the pressure of OH NO I CAN'T FALL ASlEEP AND I HAVE WORK TOMORROW.

I would like to fall back asleep, though. I was having great dreams inspired by Robin McKinley's Dragonhaven, and I'd like to get back to doing that just right away. I have remedicated and I'm ready for my nasal passages to dry back up just any old time now.
Sea dragon

And without the pressure of work to get me up and caffeine to keep me there ...

Wow, I just slept until 12:30. Great day for sleeping, though - rain and ick outside.

Just to be clear, I didn't really "sleep" through until now ... I was up at 5, at 8, at 11:00 ... with hour long breaks marked by coughing and nose gunk. I'd get up, take more sudafed and cough syrup, and wait for them to kick in. I got my pillows adjusted so I was more or less sleeping sitting up - rather necessary due to the congestion and the horrible crick my neck has developed from, er, the coughing and the stress caused by the estate agent thing. (Realized I don't have enough money saved up to put a deposit down on a new place and this made me rather unhappy, among other things.)

The cold has been great for my "get rid of the Christmas poundage" though, as I've got from about 178 (full stomach, Christmas dinner) to 170.6 or something this morning (empty stomach and likely dehydrated to boot). So I'm holding off on the WeightWatchers for now, partially to save money.Collapse ) It's also now one week until my trip and WeightWatchers isn't so good at "one serving Mystery Food" or really almost anything that isn't standard American. I'll give them credit, they've got Pad Thai, but when I like Dan Dan Noodles and Bee Bim Bap and Okonomiyaki (and Thai green curry), I'm just out of their zone. So ... after the trip, then. I've reduced portions and my appetite, and if I just listen to that it'll help. Oh, and no 4 PM potato chip break.

I'm having some Innnocent smoothie stuff wechsler brought over last night (yum, a cup of fruit in a glass, no added sugar) and am about to head into some Darjeeling oolong tea from Mariage Freres.I have to go to the porters lodge to pick up what I think is a late Christmas present (from irrationalrobot and wordknitter, though I know they mailed it in December) and I may heed cookwitch's text and trot up the street to Whittard and take advantage of their 75% off sale, but that looks to be it for me for the day. So TGIF, you know?

I'll say this: Boo thinks that me being sick is the best thing eve - I get up at all hours just to pet her, she had TWO warm bodies to curl up and nap with it's the middle of the day and someone is sitting on the couch and making a lap for her. It's a cat's life, innit?

Funny how a walk on the high street is so exhausting

Well, about an hour into my trip up the high street to do some shopping, I pretty well run out of energy. I think the very moment it happened was when I was in the Waterstone's looking at a pop-up copy of the book about the mole who got pooped on.

Goals: pick up package, get pretty plates (at 75% off) from Whittard, buy cough syrup: done. Get second Charlaine Harris book: fail. I also found a copy of The 39 Steps, the original Hitchcock version, so my entertainment for the evening is In The Bag. (Sad when an overpriced 10 quid DVD is still significantly less than the price of seeing a movie in the theater.)

Oh, bless wordknitter's heart, she sent me Christmas cookies. Thanks!

I've just had a lemon/brandy/honey thing and I think I'm going to nap a bit now. I wanted to call some people and chat, but it just makes me cough so much ...