January 12th, 2008

Sea dragon

Dear lazyweb: healthcare on a weekend

Hi, guys,

I'm now thinking I may have made a mistake in not going to the doctor yesterday. Fortunately I'm not up coughing right now as the cough syrup is working well, but ... I'm not getting better.

But on Saturday my doctor's office is closed. I don't think I should wait until Monday to do something about this. (Okay, I'm freaking a bit because ... of something that reminded me of how my mom died. Let's just say she waited too long to go to the hospital.)

As someone who's not familiar with NHS, I'm not sure what to do about getting health care on the weekend. Is the emergency room your only option? What should I do here?
Sea dragon

It is TOTALLY gorgeous outside

Too bad I don't feel like doing anything as it's the right day for doing everything. That said, I really should get up the street to the Charing Cross walk-in clinic.

The cold currently wins as the lazy bastard's weight loss program. I'm down to 170 (likely dehydrated) pounds pre-breakfast. I'm tossing oatmeal, smoothie, and honey/ginger tea on top of that and expecting it'll help, at least with the dehydration. If I get below 168 by Friday, I'll be a bit worried about it, too, but I'm convinced what I've been shedding has been mostly goose fat and the cheese in the creamed corn gratin. 168 will be lower than I've been in months, so THAT will worry me.

Interestingly, I am not medicated at all right now - no cough syrup, no "Beecham's Active," not even any decongestant. The fact that the last three hours or so I was in bed (midnight to 11 in total, with nice long stretches of coughing to keep me up) would have also been without the benefit of any medicine is ... promising. But I shouldn't feel so "promised" that I don't go in to the clinic today.

Um, yeah. I've become a very boring writer this past week, haven't I?
Sea dragon

I just want to party all the time, provided I can wear my jammies and lay on the couch

Well, the doctor trip thing wasn't so bad - except for the two hour wait. I was actually triaged in about 15 minutes, and then told I could see a doctor in half an hour ... only it didn't quite work out that way. Oddly, I found sitting in the waiting room relaxing. shadowdaddy was keeping me company, I had two different, highly entertaining books, and ... I had nothing to do. I couldn't clean the house, I couldn't do my shopping, and I couldn't feel bad about not being productive. All I had to do was sit. To be honest, by the time the doctor finally saw me, I was actually feeling not too bad, comparatively. That said, she said it seemed like I had someting bacterial on top of my viral, so even though the triage nurse said they weren't likely to give me any antibiotics, I came home with a prescription for erythromycin, which should start making me feel better in two days.

By the time we got back, the sun was starting to set, and I decided to have a little snacky-snack then pop over to Streatham to meet wechsler chez spikeylady 'cause, well, even though I'm sick I really wanted to SEE people, even if it was for just a bit, and I knew I could basically slop around on the couch and not say much and still enjoy being around people without expending much energy, and that I could leave after a fairly short time and no one would be offended. Which is what I did, and I am at home now, and I'm going to have a bit of soup and some Erithrowhatever and call my Saturday done.

(PS: Google map of one of the place we're going to visit in Egypt, in satellite view you can see the freaking temple! That is so cool!)
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