January 16th, 2008

Sea dragon

I must be improving

I did not fall over last night, just spent a little horizontal time when I got home. We ordered out for food so no one had to cook. wechsler joined us and we played a game of Boomtown</I (I won somehow). I actually talked all night. I must be getting better. Due to twitchy person in bed with me, I had a hard time falling asleep. Now I'm exhausted, but it's not from spending the night coughing. Gah. Back to lack of sleep making me miserable, then.

Getting back my breathing

Today Lofthouse's "Fisherman's Friend" are God. (They are one of three different cough drops I've got at my desk and they are making a difference.)

Other meds: Beechams Active (helping with the bad night's sleep) and Erythromycin. I haven't touched the cough syrup yet.

The Erhythromycin is making a positive difference. I am no longer doing nothing but suffering a cold; I am beating it back. I am now at "normal cold, fading" status, instead of "me, fading." I even walked up a flight of stairs on my way into work today. The feeling of pushing my way through clear gelatin as I walk down the street has passed. I am remembering I had bills to pay, a lease to deal with, shows I might want to see. Shows! I might see a show again! I may make plans for the future!

That said, I'm still taking it VERY quietly. The house appears to have fallen down around us in the last week and a half and we have a lot of work to do before Saturday just to catch up.

Ooh, and maybe today I'll have a real cup of tea again. Wouldn't that be a treat?

(PS: World falling apart? Elections gone mad? How about a nice article about spaghetti from the New York Times to cheer you up?)