January 29th, 2008

Sea dragon

Welcome home bouquet

It was so pretty I brought it in to the office. Am bit miserable today as I was up coughing for two hours last night. Pleased to see that the freaky weight loss thing stabilized and I'm still at the weight I was when I left (168.8) and not coasting downhill (also need to make sure I keep J fed so he doesn't waste away inadvertently - he has a lot less to spare). I'm sure I've got "abs of steel" to boot from coughing like I have been. Always trying to find the silver lining, that's me.

Sea dragon

Teh ill, it just keeps rolling

Seattle friends! Tonight is the 7th annual Ukelooza at the Rebar (a "Hawaiian-themed fundraising cabaret")! I always enjoyed going to these because, truth be told, people playing ukeleles MAKE ME LAUGH. They also have a great auction that goes during intermission, in which awesome packages can be bought for pennies on the dollar (okay, quarters). I got season tickets to On The Board there and a bunch of other things. Feeling down? Want to get out? Don't miss it! (Full details Collapse )

This afternoon I was home by 2 and asleep by 3. I have had a few bouts of a duration of 20 minutes or so during which I have not been coughing, which is a great relief. Not talking really helps. Also keeping my sinus passages clear with various pseudoephedrine containing pills helps. Under normal circumstances they might keep me awake, but they can't fight The Great Sleep. The caffeinated pills sure can, but they're totally a stick keeping me up and when the stick gets pulled away I go boom.

I went to the doctor at 4:30 and now I'm on amoxycillin. Hopefully we can break this baby. His comment about cough syrups: "They're all basically useless." Well, I am in disagreement, as Benylin "dry coughs original" is what actually got my lungs quieted down enough to nap. The Covonia recommended by the pharmacist is crap. Fuck "levomenthol," give me my diphenhydramine and dextromethorphan. I've got some Night Nurse, too, which I'm hoping works like NyQuil.

shadowdaddy is back to feeling better than me (damn his eyes!) and actually walked to the Italian joint around the corner and picked us up a pizza. Go, mighty hunter! His foot is not swollen for the first day since he broke it and he's quite pleased about that.

One thing about this being sick deal is that other than buying medicine I've been a spending non-entity. Lunch out, dinner out, theater tickets, whatever, I just haven't been buying or going or doing. I have bought a few books, but I'm actually ahead in the books read to books bought ratio this month - I've finished seven books in one month and only bought three (see links on side of this blog if you're interested in what those books were). I got a new (well, used, but ...) one on the way back from the station: A.N. Wilson's "The Victorians," which I had my eye on in December but didn't buy as it was not "get a present for me" month. I've really picked up my history reading since I've moved here - I'm just finding it so interesting! Anyway, if you want to read my "used" books, I've got Michael Moorcock's "Knight of the Swords" and William Gibson's "Burning Chrome" up for giveaway and Connie Willis' Waterwitch available on loan ... let me know.