January 30th, 2008


I am staying home today

The score is NightNurse: 1, Cold: 0, as I did actually sleep through the night without any coughing fits - until 6:30 AM (an hour earlier than my normal wakeup time) which wasn't so bad, really, as I'd gone to bed at 10 and thus had plenty of sleep. My throat was feeling kind of inflamed yesterday and I was coughing so hard and deep I thought I was Collapse ), but that's all gone away now.

I called in today as the cold has moved into my chest - I'm wheezing a bit. And my ears are plugged up. Yay. J made me oatmeal for breakfast, which hopefully will counteract the stomach grumpiness caused by the amoxicillin.

I miss you all, except for the part where if I had anyone visit me, all I would do is lay with my head on their lap and doze.

Oh yeah, there are jobs available at my current employer:
Release manager
Senior web developer
Web developer
Web Analytic -ist

Let me know if you're interested.
Sea dragon

I am just so dull, dull, dull

Today features Raspy Lungs and Persistent Headache. I'm not sure if I haven't had enough to drink or what. I have been sleeping and sleeping and sleeping, even though I did fine at getting up this morning. I suppose this is what I'm like when you take the caffeine stick that's been propping me up away. I'm a bit worried that the lungs are a Harbinger of Doom, insofar as they indicate getting WORSE, not better.

I haven't even stepped on the mat in front of our apartment today.

I hate having J's toe broken because it means we're on different couches and I can't lay with my head in his lap. His foot is doing a lot better, though, and him on the other couch is still much better than being here by myself. He's bored, though, and ready to go back to work.

I am desperately hoping to resume regularly scheduled service ASAP, and to not be coughing so I can go see Othello tomorrow.