January 31st, 2008


Back to work today

I feel profoundly less dead but that doesn't mean much since the caffeine stick is holding me up. On the other hand, I slept for what ... 4 hours during the day yesterday ... and went back to sleep at 9:30 after forcing myself to stay awake for half an hour reading before I crashed out (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and short story collection Firebirds - not feeling smart enough to handle any hard reading). I was up coughing a bit, but rather than painful, useless hacking, I was actually clearing my lungs out a bit ... and then I fell back asleep. So I got, what, ten hours last night, probably 9 1/2 with interruptions - thank goodness for still being on Egyptian time so I could build a sleep schedule that gave me room for waking up.

I'm really, really hoping I am well enough to make it to Othello tonight. It's promising at present - only a few little coughs, all "productive." I just need to be careful about not talking too much and that should kep with keeping my throat from getting too irritated.

The flowers at my desk are fading but they are still pretty. :-) And my coworkers said no, nobody thought I was skiving, "No way you could have been putting THAT on." Odd that I got sicker when I got home.
potato mountain

Thinking about visa renewal and such

Hmm. Prices have been raised and now I'll get to look forward to a £750 fee to renew my work permit this August. W00t. The points have gone up, though, so J will have to continue as my "dependent." 'tis a bit of a joke really but it does save us the extra money to just have one application.

On the other hand, my visa might now be good for 3 years instead of 2. I like that bit, although I can't find anything on the official site about it (or maybe the right page won't load).

Good news, eh? Or maybe for those of you who want us sticking around.