February 3rd, 2008

Sea dragon

Not going out today after all

I was going to see Annie Get Your Gun this afternoon but as no one said they would go see it with me (except W, but he's here right now so it's not like he's going to say, "Hey, how come you stood me up?"), I am going to stay home and sleep some more instead and just have "dinner with souldier_blue be my big event of the day. I'll arrange to go see it on Thursday instead, when hopefully J and I will both still be feeling better.

Still ill but coughing much less - energy levels are still very low.

Breakfast: apricot/hazelnut brioche french toast, bacon from the Theobalds Road butcher shop, and "Egyptian fruit compote," which, let's face it, was just a way to use up the leftover apples I had sitting in the fruit bowl but was supposed to be what I made for dessert last night. However, fried in butter, with some cinnamon added, a banana and sliced orange thrown in the mix, with some ginger and Lyle's Golden Syrup, it made a convincing side dish.

PS: To prove I am tired, I just saw an ad for Oedipus Rex entitled "Patricide and incest on stage?" and I read (out loud) the title of the play as "Innapus." Therefore I will now sleep.

I think I'm getting better, but I'm still too tired to do much

So ... the show I wanted to see today was massively sold out (20 people turned away!), so I'm not sorry I didn't haul myself over to Bermondsey to watch it. But I've made reservations, so I will be seeing Annie Get Your Gun next Thursday. I do hope I continue getting better and that in fact I'm making some real progress on the health front, which my FURTHER reduced weight speaks against (I'm now at 166, which is a bit creepy as I think I'm eating well). But I've stacked my schedule as if I'm a healthy woman, to wit:
Monday: Meeting
Tuesday: Speed the Plow at the Old Vic
Wednesday: mahjong in Greenwich (crap, could have played with souldier_blue while she was over for tacos tonight if I'd only remembered)
Thursday: Annie Get Your Gun (review here)
Friday: The Mikado at the Gielgud
Saturday: Chita Rivera

If I'm not healthy this is not going to be a good week, that's for sure.

Based on having no responses to most of my posts this week, I'm assuming people are bored to listening to me whinge on about my cold. Believe me, I'm sick of having it. I should have some pictures up from the trip later this week and I'm going to post one of the recipes that I made yesterday as it was quite yummy but it's now 10 PM and for the new tired (yet light weight, soon to float away) me it's time to go to bed.