February 4th, 2008

Sea dragon

Is that a light I see before me?

I am on no meds, I'm only coughing just a bit, and, while I do feel low energy, I think I feel better than I have been. This could mean the cold is over, or at least dying. Yay!

I'm also having a hard time finding a new book to read. I'm trying to read Brideshead Revisited and finding it dull. I've picked up an autographed copy of Connie Willis' Passage that's been languising on my shelf for ages - though she's one of my favorite authors, the last time I read this I gave up after 86 pages. Maybe now ...

Also, Palermo is looking like a real possibility for Easter, and I'm feeling excited about that! In part it's possible because, er, I agreed to work this Saturday ... too hard for me to turn down the extra money when opportunities for me to do so are so few and far between. Perhaps the need will pass and I'll get to lounge around instead.