February 6th, 2008

Queen Apple

Is that a light I see before me (redux)?

Wow, I made it through the night without getting up to take cough syrup (or cough) once. As I fell asleep, I could feel my nose drying up, and I woke up breathing clearly. Yeah, I coughed a little later, but it seemed half-hearted. The day and night nurse are both sitting unloved and unopened. I am pleased. I feel like finally, finally, this thing has broken.

I'm also busy as crap, so back to work for me ...

It's hip! It's now! It's ... unintentional irony!

So today's Guardian magazine has a big picture of a tattooed hottie in a short red dress and high heels, with the title, "Why Veganism is Hot." There's an interview and a recipe for some kind of blueberry treat next to it.

Next to this article is a column on how to make a pork pie. First ingredient: pig's trotter.

I am very amused.