February 8th, 2008

Sea dragon

Annie Gets Her Gun; Webcowgirl gets better

Last night, shadowdaddy and I trucked off to the deep wilds South o' the River to see Annie Get Your Gun. The Union Theatre is an adorable and tiny space built under some spare railway arch, which meant several songs received unexpected dramatic emphasis from the rumbling of the "building" as steel behemoths lumbered overhead. The show itself was the kind of show I thought was often done really well in Seattle - a small, highly talented cast jammed into a tiny space, with live music (piano, guitar, violin, and occasional addition percussion from the actors) and even lots of fun dance numbers. They made imaginitive use of a small budget in regards to costuming and sets, and I bought the whole thing. They were on a train! They were at a fancy party! They were travelling on a boat full of cows! It was great, though it might have been hard to kill those Irving Berlin showstoppers - one brilliant song after another. (Note to self: get soundtrack, practice "You Can't Get a Man with a Gun.") I also related to the lead character rather a lot - sassy and independent, but prone to pissing people off because she doesn't follow "tradition." Go, Annie Oakley!

Aforehand (to borrow the vernacular of the show, pure Hollywood "corn pone"), we had dinner at Bangalore Express, a new joint that opened across the street from Waterloo in the space formerly occupied by Thai Silk (103 Waterloo Road, website appears to be not built yet). It's got all of the shoulder to shoulder shared tables I hate, but also an adorable "bunk bed" dining section where you have to walk up a ladder to get to the tables. (I'm not sure how they serve people up there, but when J's foot heals, we'll find out.) Their menu was $3 for sides, $4 for small mains, and $8 for large mains (okay it's supposed to be pound signs but I don't have that on this computer). We got a "regular" duck and potato dosa for $4 and a "large" combo plate (spicy coconut curry tandoori chicken on rice with a small side of sweet potato salad) for $8, and walked out of the door _with leftovers_ for $12. (We also didn't buy drinks as we were feeling cheap.)

Er, in theater news, Summer Strallen of Drowsy Chaperone is now going to be Maria in the West End Sound of Music. I don't really want to see that show, but I adore her so maybe I will. Also, three of the guys up for the local theatrical awards (Oliviers) are ones I saw in the roles they are nominated for this years - pretty cool!

Er, also, very tired, don't have a lot of stamina these days and sadly I'm due to go into work tomorrow. And the tension backache I tend to have has returned after a two month break. As a sign of recovery, it's one I could have happily missed.
Sea dragon

Friday isn't always the best day of the week

At this morning's meeting about the project I'm managing (from a QA perspective), I said that we were on a road trip, we were low on gas, the car was making funny noises, and we were on the verge of winding up on the side of our road, in the middle of the day, in the desert, with no gas, no water, and our engine fallen out of the car - because we just kept on driving.

Later I said, "So we think things look kind of bad, and then Javier Bardem shows up with an airgun. Might we consider hitting the rest stop for some repairs and refueling before we continue this journey?" And we will, the project has been stopped, but I'm still coming in to work tomorrow because it's not out of the woods yet and they pay me double time for Saturdays.

Other notes: picked up some yummy food for this weekend at the Theobald's Road butcher again, but am currently feeling incredibly peeved by RyanAir's general crap-ness. Let's charge you money if you are a non-EU passenger just so you can check in at the airport. And if you check ANY bags, we will charge you for that, too. As a contact lens wearer, I can't get a liquid bottle of sterile saline small enough to pass airport security these days, so I have to check bags. And their bag limit is 10 kilos for carry on and 15 kilos for any checked bag. It really makes me angry that they will add on £20 for things I basically can't avoid, unless I don't fly them. And I won't: I'm going Air Italia. It'll take two hours more but I'll ultimately save £70 and not freak out about bringing home a bottle of wine in my luggage. Bastards.

I also broke down and ordered the next Sookie Stackhouse vampire detective novel, because I really enjoyed the one I read in December and I've been looking for it for a month now and it's just time to admit I can't get it used and fork over the simoleans. Proust is great but sometimes a girl needs a book she can't put down until the last stake is stuck (er, or the other killer is discovered), and Charlaine Harris is really taking care of that need for me - plus then I can read the other three books in the series that have been waiting for me since early December. MMmmm, sexy vampire detective novels!

Crap I'm tired

I enjoyed the Mikado tonight but I was tired enough during dinner (Wahaca, made me do the yummy food dance in my chair quite by accident) to wish a bit that I was just going home, despite the fact that going to see a show was the motivation that got me through the day (not that I'm not having fun and working hard). The walk to the Gielgud pretty much wrecked shadowdaddy and he was feeling a bit miserable for the rest of the night. I can't believe he didn't even have any aspirin lying around he could have taken to soften the edge.

Since I'm going to work tomorrow, I will just hit the hay now. I don't think there's more than about two people who like me writing about theater anyway.