February 12th, 2008


Spring spring spring spring!

Yesterday walking through Red Lion Square (it's a fenced garden with a sheltered coffee shop in the middle) I saw a blooming daffodil. Okay, it wasn't blooming all the way, but it was opened enough for me to tell that the little cup inside was orange instead of yellow. It was so cool! It is spring. Also, I don't know much about trees, but I can tell what almost any annual flower is just by looking at its early-spring planty growth. In front of my computer right now is a vase full of red anemones, a flower I never had much luck growing, but at £2 for the bunch I was willing to take the gamble these would bloom in a vase. I've also been watching the pink hyacinths I stuck in a shallow dish and then abandoned on a windowsill bloom over the last three weeks; it's lovely to see them through the cracked curtains in the back bedroom, with the rooftops and steam behind them - spring in the city! I'll try to take a picture of it before it's too late. This Sunday, wechsler took a picture of me in the Blossoming Trees of Mystery in Bishop's Park, and I'll see about posting that, too.