February 14th, 2008


What is this "romance" of which you speak?

I know some people crave more romance in their life and complain because their partners don't shower them with gifts, buy them flowers, take them to romantic dinners, et cetera. (And then there are those who don't have partners but I can't fix that right now - give me a few months and I'll try to set you up ;-) .)

I think wanting these things is ... not wanting what is important. Let me explain.

Three weeks ago, shadowdaddy and I were both stuck at home. He had a broken toe. I had a cold that was kind of ... breaking me in two. I had no energy and was having coughing fits that would leave me fighting to hold on to my breakfast.

Broken toe and all, when I ran out of the medicine that was keeping my coughing down ... he walked to the pharmacy to get me some more.

That, folks, is my idea of romance and true love: consistent love and care paid toward your partner, not something you pull out of a hat on some random day in the calendar or use to gloss over a general selfishness or lack of interest in your partner's cares and needs. Flowers, jewelry, perfume, pretty shoes and lacy nothings, these don't show love, they show access to a wallet.

Anyway, here's a wish for a happy Valentine's day to shadowdaddy, our 17th Valentine's day together. You made me believe that I should expect to be treated like I am loved and valued 365 days of the year (366 this year), and that's a gift you can't buy at Hallmark. Here's hoping for a million more.
I Miss America

A gift to the world - slight progress on the far western front

First, let's stick with the headline: Justice Dept: Waterboarding not legal. This is good news, right? But it's somewhat brought down by the actual text, which says, basically, that "Steven G. Bradbury, acting head of the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel," is only saying that it's not legal any more. In a worm in an apple moment, the article continues, "Bradbury in 2005 signed two secret legal memos that authorized the CIA to use head slaps, freezing temperatures and waterboarding when questioning terror detainees. Because of that, Senate Democrats have opposed his nomination by President Bush to formally head the legal counsel's office." I mean, seriously, why is my country even considering putting admitted torturers into office?

Second, Robert Reich, best secretary of the treasurer of all time, has a novel idea to improve the American economy: "increase the wages of the bottom two-thirds of Americans." And he wants stronger unions and better schools. Bless his little red heart, I hope he gets back in in the next administration. And, hello, isn't he just stating the obvious?