February 22nd, 2008

Movie reel

Burt Lancaster "The Killers" and a quite good evening

I had an invigorating trip to the BFI with booklectic last night to see The Killers - story by Ernest Hemingway, evil glamour by Eva Gardner ("gown supervision by Vera West"), black heart by Robert Siodmak. Wow. It was like Pulp Fiction meets Memento but with better cinematography. Apparently this movie went on to influence a lot of other films - I can see why.

The evening continued nicely with Curry Night at the Railway Pub with wechsler and two pints of cider, then home to meet up with the freshly-networked shadowdaddy. I ended the evening feeling very relaxed and much better than I had at work.

This morning I arranged the purchase of tonyawinter's tickets to London. It'll be great to see her! September 4-15th, mark your calendars!

Otherwise, tonight we're off to some fun Chinese performing arts "spectacular" at the Southbank with robot_mel, work is work, and I need to start going to the gym and getting off of my computer in the middle of the day.

Girls are the main online content creators

So I read this article and I am rejoicing at the geek-fu of teenaged girls ...

and then I read this:

“Girls are trained to make stories about themselves,” said Pat Gill, the interim director for the Institute for Communications Research and an associate professor of gender and women’s studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

From a young age they learn that they are objects, Professor Gill said, so they learn how to describe themselves. Historically, girls and women have been expected to be social, communal and skilled in decorative arts.

My buzz is killed. Do you agree that girls think they are objects and that is why they learn how to describe themselves? (I'll save my opinion for later.)