February 26th, 2008

Proust quote

In which work gets busy; and, Proust update

Well, my project is kicking in and I'm about to disappear from LJ during work hours for the next two weeks. Right now I've just finished my lunch - from a one hour break to twenty minutes! That'll get that build moving right along. I must remember to go to the gym over my lunch hour at least one day this week as I am going to become desperate for time away from my desk. It's not making me look forward to coming in on Saturday at all.

RE: yesterday's quiz: the correct number of items was 8. valkyriekaren was closest, missing just one! All answers have now been unscreened. Here is the image again if you want to give it a try:

Collapse )

The Prisoner and the Fugitive is at page 74 right now. The narrator's sick (and, in my mind, paedophilic) obsession with Albertine is making this an unpleasant read for me right now, though I did find his three page ramble on "excuses why I'm not getting my writing done" fairly amusing. The Jasper Fforde novel I'm working on right now is proving much more amusing.

Finally: anyone want to recommend a place where I can get someone to look over my lease? I tried some of the free places I could find online but wasn't sure which ones I could use ...