March 2nd, 2008

I Miss America

Putting your money where your mouth is

I had a great conversation about politics in the US (and the UK) with spikeylady and ciphergoth tonight, while full of Thai food and white wine. Two more days to the Ohio election, and Barack Obama has money from us now helping him do whatever is necessary to secure the Democratic nomination. Per this article in the New York Times, Obama's got "a lean and mean political machine that gets the job done," and I expect the money will be spent in phone banks or doorbelling - putting people on the ground to make it happen, like the campaign I participated in in '96.

I decided about ten years ago that money was the thing I could give that mattered most, far more than my paltry vote or even hours of volunteer work, to either an arts or a political organization. It was what they wanted from me the most, too. I'll send out more when the generals roll around, you know it.

Top twelve tips for getting cheap theater tickets in London. Top 13. Top ...

I wasted most of my evening (once I got back home) making a list of all the ways I know to get cheap theater seats. I wrote 12 and then J reminded me of another and then I remembered even one more, so while it was originally twelve, now it's fourteen. So if you're interested in how I manage to support my "glamorous lifestyle" of eight shows a month (or so) - I've spilled my guts here. I have to keep my theater expenses down or I just couldn't go (thus why I haven't been to Hairspray yet) - my lid is at about 20 quid per and I really try to buy tickets for even less. I guess I could have added something like, "And then if you don't buy makeup or new clothes or new shoes and bring your lunch to work every day you can see even more shows!" but that's more of a matter of how I prioritize spending money and not really so much a tip. Buy less "stuff," have more experiences - it's a way of life, really, but not what everyone wants to do. And thanks to all of you who pitched in to get me a Donmar membership for my birthday, it was really a great present, even six months (and more) after the fact.

At any rate, for my fellow theater lovers and penny pinchers, I hope you find my post useful.