March 4th, 2008


Back from Trafalgar Studios

Dealer's Choice rocked. The dialogue was so much better than Mamet (still all-male, but each really had his own voice), an interesting story, really solid characters, and fine acting. I really enjoyed it and will be writing up a proper review on my other blog ... sometime soon. This did pretty much take care of my rather disappointing afternoon, in which everything I've been working toward for two weeks was taken away and replaced with a stinking pile of poo. Oh well, it was only two weeks down the toliet, and if I just think about the show again ...

Yes, that's right, a really great show! My favorite bit of dialogue, between the chef and a waiter at a restaurant, who are waiting for the last customer to leave so they can go play poker:
Waiter: Have some wine?
Chef: What is it?
Waiter: House red.
Chef: Give me that ... (takes the bottle). Hey, that's a $40 bottle of wine!
Waiter: Tonight the house is drinking good wine.

Highly recommended, especially when weeknight seats can be had off of LastMinute for about 21 each.