March 6th, 2008

Morning cuppa

I am electric/ mind how you touch me

Today I'm bionic - I've got the 24 hour blood pressure monitor on. We'll see how things look over a 24 hour period. My guess is that I'm still just too high - I need my diastolic below 90. So I will go to the gym downstairs today and get a membership for three months and do cycling three times a week, for 20-30 minutes. It'll leave me plenty of time for lunch and probably raise my overall energy levels. I should book it in on my calendar so I remember to go.

Tonight: having a friend or two (Josh No LJ for sure) over for tacos and enchiladas with the new Mexican food ingredients brought over by Josh with his shipment of goodies from America. Mmmm, tacos and enchiladas and margaritas. I can't wait!
I Miss America

Good news from America

First, the House on Wednesday passed a bill requiring most group health plans to provide more generous coverage for treatment of mental illnesses, comparable to what they provide for physical illnesses." This could have serious cultural ramifications, to have mental health care available to more than the rich (or sparingly to the poor).

Second, a really cheering article about women being trained for the male-dominated industries of Wyoming. "Here in a state with the highest gap in the nation between a woman’s wage and a man’s, and a divorce rate 30 percent above the national average, some women are finding a new way to storm the economic barricades.

"They are working with an unusual nonprofit organization, Climb Wyoming, which takes women who have absorbed a few of life’s body blows — bad or absent men, drugs, public assistance and jail are all common stories — and combines free job training with psychological counseling.

"But Climb Wyoming’s real core insight is female solidarity — that the group, trained and forged together more like a platoon than a class, will become an anchor of future success. New skills can go only so far in changing a life, the group’s trainers say; sometimes it takes a sisterhood." I found this all very cheering as figuring out ways to help people out of poverty has been a real puzzle for me, especially when you're dealing with single moms, who really get stigmatized by society but rarely have any support network to help them get beyond teh day to day crap they are having to deal with. I may admire a woman who can raise three kids on a waitress's pay, or working three jobs, but wouldn't it be nice to have health insurance?

Finally, drug abuse programs reach out to older addicts.

Really, if you know anything about my family history, I'm sure you can see why all of these seem to me to be important stories. And now it's the end of the day and I'm heading home for taco night!
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