March 13th, 2008

Mano Poderosa

Results from the bionic woman test

Well, I've got my results from my 24 hour blood pressure test in my not little hands.

My average blook pressure is fine, I think, 132/84m 134/88 during the day, 126/76 at night (with notes "non-dipper").

But what's bad, I think, is my diastolic spikes: 109 at 7 PM, when I was cooking, for God's sake, and 101 at 8:37 when I was taking the tube into work, I think - or maybe when the nurse was measuring me (it's supposed to be under 80). But why in the world is my heart thundering along at 134 (systolic, you want it below 140 when awake and 105 when asleep) at six in the morning?

At any rate, I'm supposed to go into a cardiology clinic and get some more substantial examination. I'll hold off the gym thing until I get back from vacation - no point paying for a 9 week membership when I'm going to be gone for almost an entire week.

Nice night yesterday at Leviathan - a real treat to have djm making dinner for us. Thanks, all!

Today, work like hell, tonight, City Ballet at the Coliseum - woo!

City Ballet rocked my night

Tonight was an evening I've been anticipating since August (yes, I am that much of a geek), when I first heard that City Ballet was coming to London. It's part of the reason I didn't go to New York with shadowdaddy - I couldn't see them while I was there, so why bother leaving town when I could just sit on my duff and see them here?

Anyway, tonight was the all Jerome Robbins program, and it was GREAT. The first piece was ... oh man, it was like that first time you heard an album you'd been listening to on your grungy old boom box for years, and then suddenly you're getting to experience it on a CD on a good stereo, and you're all amazed because it's ten times better and you'd never noticed there were strings and stuff in the background, and you can hear the singer breathing? Yeah, that was the first piece, "The Four Seasons," with an utterly fantastic faun in the Autumn scene. The second piece was done without music, and I think it kind of freaked the audience out a bit; but the third piece was completely comic and the audience laughed their heads off (ballet does lend itself to being made fun of, really). I think the section where the ballerinas were dancing with umbrellas (theme: "It doesn't really seem to be raining, but everyone else has THEIRS open ...") really had to resonate with this audience.

Now I am so excited that I want to go see them again on Sunday even though I'm already going to see them on Tuesday. I just hope I can get someone to go with me (and that I can afford tickets). Sure, it's Balanchine, and I've seen all those pieces again, but THIS time it will be perfect. Aaaaaaah. I love it.
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