March 16th, 2008


Lazy Sunday; lovely sleep

Last night wechsler and I went to a lovely Japanese restaurant on Red Lion street in Holborn, basically across the street from work. It's called Edokko and was absolutely wonderful. The upstairs was pure Japanese - including the tables with the area dug out underneath for your legs to dangle, as well as a proper tatami mat room. You had to take your shoes off before you sat at your table, and every time the waitresses came by with food they'd take their shoes off and come over in their socks. It was lovely. The menu was about 1/3 snacks, 1/3 sushi/sashimi, and 1/3 more entree-like things. W had cold soba noodles (just like in Kyoto!) and I had beef teriyaki as well as some "rice with green tea poured on it" (couldn't help myself). We started with spinach and peanuts, gyoza, and salmon roll (the last two for W as they both had fishies in them) and had lovely cold sake throughout. Our menu choices were to some extent dictated by how incredibly warm the restaurant was, but once they'd turned off the heater, it became more pleasant. The service was stellar and I left with stars in my eyes about Japan ... and also about how amazing it was that this adorable place was only half a block from my office. It wasn't really cheap, but "snacks" were running 4-7, entrees 8-16 ... and then there was the sushi, which seemed to get as expensive as you wanted it to be. It was a great cure for my exhausting week at work (and my nine hour work day).

Once home, I think I lasted for about an hour and fell asleep five minutes after my head touched the pillow - then slept nearly 12 hours. I kept waking up and hearing the wind blowing and the rain spattering on the windows, and then falling back asleep again as I was Not Motivated to Get Up. It is now almost 3 and I am not at the ballet now. I had a big breakfast (poached eggs on crumpet muffin with cheese on top, two kinds of chipolatas, black treacle cured bacon, and a second crumpet with butter and jam) and then was lucky enough to catch shadowdaddy at his hotel and have a nice chatty catchup about his first day in NYC. Now I'm going to fall back asleep, and when I get up later I'll spend some time cleaning the house as it needs it desperately. Six day work weeks, they take it out of me, and it's a huge relief that I've only got three coming up next week. I can't wait to be in Sicily - sure hope the weather is better there than it is here.

How about a little FIRE, scarecrow?

I avoided reading a letter from my aunt for, er, about a month after I got it. I finally looked at it tonight. I guess it wasn't too bad. On the other hand, for some reason, I think ... you might ... enjoy ... reading it. It's like a whole novel on six poorly written pages. Sadly, it appears to be by Steinbeck rather than some more uplifting author.

Background: my family mostly lives in Arizona, my aunt raised her kids in a trailer park near Roosevelt Lake, where the lodge (for trout fishing tournaments in the nearby lake) and the gas station were about the only jobs. My grandparents (her folks) moved there when they retired; both of them are now dead and my aunt got their property as she was the only surviving kid of the four they had. My aunt had two kids, Dena and Deland. Dena and I were very close growing up - like sisters. I haven't heard from her in, what, seven years or so now.

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This is why I don't go home for Easter, or Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or my birthday, or ever, really. It was nice to hear from her, though.