March 25th, 2008


Back from Sicily

I am back. What did I miss?

I didn't miss the cold and I didn't miss bad food. I didn't miss rushing around.

I did miss having access to a public transportation infrastructure that doesn't totally collapse on a holiday, which was, oh, Friday, Sunday, and Monday. Not getting a car was a huge mistake - I was trapped in a gilded cage, and while I ate quite well, I was NOT able to make it to Syracuse because I didn't realize Saturday was the only day I could get there on public transportation. No car, no leave Taormina. We did take a lovely hike to the beach down the hill (and had a bracing walk back up) on Easter Sunday, but we could do nothing but shiver in the rain on Monday as it was too cold to even do hikes around town that day and I hadn't brought the right clothes for the weather.

Summary: I ate well but otherwise didn't do much. Taormina had too many rich people in it for me (very much like Key West - I just don't shop for Prada when I'm on vacation, what can I say) and it was more expensive than any Italian city I'd ever experienced in. I brought home a ceramic head.

I'd like to go to Sicily again for Easter next year but I _will_ rent a car.