March 26th, 2008


Travelling is a learning experience

Rigatoni alla Norma

Alla Norma is tomatoes and aubergine/eggplant and cheese. The recommended cheese is ricotta, but it's a crumbly ricotta ("ricotta salata," salted ricotta) and one of the places I went to had a smoked cheese on top, so I did that for this version but also put wet ricotta on the bottom, underneath the tomato/garlic/onion/basil mixture. (After eating this three times in a week, I was really impressed by what a wide variety of recipes went by the same name.) The kicker seems to be soaking the sliced eggplant in salted water - I couldn't believe the way this changed the flavor! I also "dressed" the cooked tomato mixture with some really nice olive oil as recommended by my cookbook. So even though I'd never made this before and don't even like eggplant (normally), this dish was very tasty and a huge success. Not bad for a lazy night at home!
disco ball

A bit of juvenile humor; Pearly Kings and Queens

I'm tired after doing not much - cooking for an hour and a half, playing a game of "Bell Bottom Bad Asses on the Mean Streets of Funk," washing some sweaters and dying my hair (must take shower!).

So I'm entertaining myself with some incredibly juvenile humor I followed from the bottom of a different link booklectic fed me. And I'm laughing hard, which is pretty appropriate given how tired I am. (irrationalrobot, you will love this.)

I'm also listening to songs from YouTube in preparation for tomorrow's Right Cockney Knees Up in Bethnal Green. Knees Up Mother Brown, My Dad's a Dustman ... and "Doing the Lambeth Walk." The video below even has "Pearly Kings" in it, something I'd never heard of two months ago. It's not Sorry Charlies, but I think it's will be a great night out. (I guess of all the songs I've heard this one is my favorite, but, be warned, it will stick in your head for days!)