March 30th, 2008


That was a silly night

Even though my day was slow and rainy, I managed to get off of my duff and head to booklectic's for an evening of Not Much. And Not Much with friends is really very fun. It was kind of like stone soup; everybody brings a little something of their own and the next thing you know you've got something great cooking. We had a bit to drink, we had some good visiting, we made food, we ate sweets, we played Zombie Flux and the bean game, and I think I did a little dancing and singing. It was a real pick me up. Thanks to everyone for a great evening!

I'm still not caught up with all of my writing

I've got my Importance of Being Earnest review up, as well as my review of the so-called Cockney Knees Up I went to in Bethnal Green, so you're welcome to read them if you're interested (I figure most people aren't so I'm not cross-posting, just linking). Now I need to write about tea, but given that it's 11 PM I'm just going to go to bed.

Must buy tickets to show at Lyric Hammersmith. Must buy tickets to show at Lyric Hammersmith.

Nice dinner with shevek at Thai Square tonight, FYI.