April 9th, 2008

Mano Poderosa

Let's go over the doctor thing while I'm chilling out

Right, it's 4:40 and I'm sitting on the couch in my pink poodle pajamas, chilling out. It's a bit odd but I think it's likely a good thing. I slept for about two hours this afternoon, which is very odd for me. My left hand aches from where the needle was in it earlier. Bleah.

The clinic I went to is up in Paddington, near the "Little Venice" section. My suspicion is this area could be terribly cute but for some reason a large section has received a Canary Wharf charm reduction makeover. I got to see more of it than they intended, for even though they provided extensive instructions AND a map WITH a path on it, I still went the wrong way and wound up asking a postman for directions. (It said "the first bridge on your right," not "go right and look for the first bridge.) So I showed up a bit late and a bit frazzled, and hungry as hell. Even though I'd slept late and tried to keep my energy use down, nothing was telling my stomach that it was supposed to not be hungry, and I was feeling a bit weak and icky from lack of food.

Well, after getting weighed and having my height taken (they've said I'm 5'7" enough that I'm thinking it's time to change my official height after 20 years of 5'6") and failing to execute on the urine sample (just not hydrated enough), the nurse took my blood pressure a few times and looked over my stats. My average from the 24 hour thing I did two months or so ago was 135/88, and my blood pressure today was 132/90. She said the diastolic reading is a bit high but neither seemed like much to worry about, though she did advise me to reduce salt in my diet (not really sure how, she suspects restaurant food). She told me I'd be off for an ECG afterwards, then went to find another nurse who'd take my blood as I'd requested they do it from my hand instead of from my elbow, as that had worked better the last time I'd had a blood sample done. It was now about 11:15 and I was HONGRAY but still in good spirits.

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So there I was, lost again, wandering around near the canals, wanting really badly not to cry and feeling weak and icky. And then I realized I had nothing too pressing to do, and I could cry if I want to, so I sat down on a bench near the canal and let it out for a while, hoping I wasn't freaking out the people walking by.Collapse ) What a wreck. After that I went to bed and got in about two hours of nothingness on a lovely, sunny day.

Anyway, now it's almost 5:30 and I am still in my pajamas and J is on his way home, and I'm hungry again. I had a chocolate to console myself for not getting to see the Biggest Box of Chocolates Ever and some really nice green tea, and I'm going to still see the show I was planning on seeing at 8 PM because I need some cheering up. But now I'm going to make more food - spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce, I think. And, er, I think I'll be changing out of the pajamas.

Back from "Ballet Black"

Well, thanks to an 8 PM start time, we made Ballet Black at the Royal Opera House's Linbury Studio. Sadly, the choreography was mostly fair to middlin' and the dancers were .... not impressive. I thought maybe they were just missing things with the first piece because it was new to their repetoire, but later it became clear there was a lot of missing going on - legs not able to go equally high, sloppy handling of partners, a clumsiness on pointe. I know ballet is hard, but tonight I could really see it - and I go to see ballet so I can go "Wow!" not "Ow!"

Still, made it home by 10:30, so at least it was short. Tomorrow is Carlos Acosta at the Coliseum and I am expecting the best from that.