April 14th, 2008


HSMP to Tier one visa reapplication irritation

I just found out as a part of the application for the new work permit that I have to prove I have £800 in the bank at all times for three months before my application. (See Tier 1 - general - guidance for where I'm getting this info. If I applied in June I'd only need one month's proof, but I don't think I'm eligible to apply until July 21st - one month before the end of my permit.) The average amount in my account doesn't matter - it must not slip below £800.

The thing is, I have been sending all of my extra money back to the US - if there's anything left in the account, off it goes. And we've been using our US bank account as our "savings" account - the UK one gets drained down regularly.

So it looks like somehow I need to knock £800 off of this month's budget so I can let the money sit in a UK bank doing nothing (and making crap for interest).

Grrr. Grr grr grr. If only I could use my US accounts as proof.

PS: the one thing I can say is that I'm really glad I worked two Saturdays last month and am working another one this month.

PPS: Also being out of debt right now is good. Maybe I can look at this is my starter account for my house here, which I might be able to purchase in, oh, about three more years. Or ten. If the pound keeps falling and all of the recent EU immigrants move to more lucrative shores, perhaps housing may move out of astronomical and into merely atmospheric ranges ...
London Biker

I'm doing pretty good with this gym thing

I think this is week three or four now for me with this "going to the gym" thing. Keeping the goal to a mere 20 minutes is helpful, even though I miss going out to lunch, but I guess this mean it's keeping my wallet in shape, too. I was feeling kind of tired and not up for it today, so my rowing time was slow: 2:37.5 the split, my usual 28 strokes per minute, my heart rate a rather slovenly 146 bpm. I also managed my ten minutes of biking time. This bit is much more fun with a book, but I forgot to bring one today. My goal eventually is to do three days of cardio and one day of Pilates, but it seems that'll have to wait for a while yet.

I found out that the exercise won't reduce my blood pressure (even though it should be good for my heart), but the weight loss should. I'm not doing this for weight loss reasons, but I think I'm seeing some effects anyway; I seem to slowly be creeping back from 173 to 170 again, but in a healthy way and not like I was when I was sick. I'm also noticing an increase in muscle tone on my legs, which I'm excited about; you could really tell my quads weren't getting any kind of workout the last few months. With luck I'll soon be able to manage a real sprint for the tube and not be left breathless for five minutes afterwards.
Sea dragon

Contains Violence

V cold

Later: We just spent an hour and a half sitting in the cold with headphones and raincoats on, watching four actors perform in the two bright spaces in this photo. We are back home now and J's got the fireplace on. I am hoping my feet thaw out by the end of the week.

Summary: good concept, weak script, bad acting. Not worth sitting outside that long in 9°/48° weather to watch. Nice to see asrana, adjectivemarcus, and jhg, though.