April 15th, 2008

London Biker

A heart-y har har

Work is rather quiet so far this week, a relief. Not much time to blog or much to say. I'm a bit obsessed with increasing the stats on my theater blog right now. And it's a relief not to have to deal with American taxes as we get an automatic extension.

Gym again today, doing well for three times a week given I won't likely go tomorrow. Was feeling a bit lazy again today - only 2:36.9 for the split, and I should really be trying to shave my time down to 2:30. My strokes per minute remains fairly even at 28. No idea what my heart rate was today. Amusingly, I hit 170 pounds on the scale - we'll see if it's related or an anomaly.

Big date at the doctor tomorrow to find out if there really is a heart problem or not ...

I am going to hit one of my life goals

For those who don't remember, I'm going to a conference in Florida in May, a software testing conference. I'll be giving a talk there. This satisfies an ambition I've had since I left Tripadelic - to present my findings on estimating (and measuring) a large software project in front of an audience of my peers. I'd like to do more research in this vein, but I'm not sure how to go down that path as a scholar of software testing. Scheduling, planning, estimation - these are things that excite me. Thank God I round it out with musical theater and ballet - no being a geek for me!

Also, I noticed the conference schedule has been published. There I am on Wednesday! It is criminal how excited I am about seeing my name on that webpage. I like to see it as a sign of greater heights I might ascend to but I have a fear that this will be my one and only peak.