April 18th, 2008

Sea dragon

What poem shall I butcher?

I'm going to do a rhymed review of "Fram," like the brilliant one posted by The West End Whingers - there is no way to really convey the horror and tragedy of the play we saw last night unless you do it in verse (some kind of rhyming couplets would simply be too easy, however - note that's how the play was written). How shall I compose my tribute to the evening? A poll ...

Poll #1173093 Poetry of horror

Which poem should I use as inspiration for my review of "Fram?"

The Raven - "Nevermore!"
The Bells - "The Fram, Fram, Fram, Fram, Fram!"
Annabelle Lee ("Twas many and many a year ago,")
A villanelle
A limerick
Other poem
Other poetic form

Post-interview comments

My boss: "So, would you take this guy on your team?"
Me: "No, not in a month of Sundays."
Boss: "Really? Why?"
Me: "Well, he says he knows things he doesn't know, he hasn't really worked in our area, he said he'd test a field that accepted 1-100 with '100,' and look at these spelling errors on his resume ... "
Boss: "My thoughts exactly. I'll go walk him out."

Summary: Blagger!
Queen Apple

It's happy hour!

I've had the best day at work I've had in weeks. Building on yesterday's great news, today I did three interviews and no dumb monkey work at all. I know for some people interviews are a terrible waste of time, but since two of these guys were good enough to make offers to, I found it, overall, extremely cheering. And I feel like I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel shining very brightly now. And I even made it to the gym (split in 2:32.7, my fastest time yet, SPM 30, also my fastest yet, and heart at 154 BMP, which is good), though I didn't have time to take a shower because I had to be back for interview number 2. I was reading his resume while I was on the exercise bike, actually.

Also, I really had a great time AFTER we ran out on Fram last night - a long and fun conversation that had me at one point reading bad FRAM inspired doggerel (from the WestEnd Whingers) to shadowdaddy, a lighting designer friend of his, and souldier_blue, to great laughter. We really went on about what makes a play good and what makes one bad (souldier_blue needs to trust her instincts regarding pretentious twaddle, really), and also hit on friendships, fun, life, gossip, and the billion other things you talk about over pints. And, er, suddenly it was 11 PM! So much for getting home early. It was such a good night and even though I regret the hour and a half of my life I wasted watching Tony Harrison's horrid exercise in self indulgence, the good evening it led to made it all worth while in the end.

Tonight: silent Chinese movie at the ROH, Song of the Fishermen, with robot_mel. Tomorrow, work; Sunday, chilling in the afternoon in Streatham. Life is really looking good again.

Back from the Linbury - Song of the Fishermen

We're back from seeing Song of the Fishermen at the Linbury, which was charming, even if the musical score was a million miles from the brilliance of Aono Jikken Ensemble's score to the Naruse silents at the Northwest Film Forum. Very few people understand how silent movie scoring works - I think they just assume it's more or less a soundtrack. I think I'd meant to invite a fourth person with me, but somehow the evening started with just us three there in the theater. I'm not sure who it was I meant to invite.

I've got my heinous rhymed review of Fram (the new production at the National) up now. Do enjoy it - the review, I mean. Apparently my "warning" about the show (the previous post on my Wordpress blog, an attempt at saving unwary theater goers from losing precious hours of their lives) really pissed off some friend of Wayne McGregor, who sent me a FLAAAAAME due to me tagging the post, which was also about meeting Wayne McGregor in the lobby during intermission, "Wayne Macgregor Is An Ungracious Asshole Who Should Spend The Rest Of His Life Laboring In Obscurity." (Later I amended this to "Wayne Macgregor Is An Ungracious Asshole" as I ran out of space.) May I encourage you all to tag an entry with this phrase so as to drive this person completely mad - I don't see how complimenting someone on their work could have possibly deserved the treatment I got from him last night.

Work tomorrow; no idea what I'm doing afterwards, or if I'll feel like doing anything.