April 20th, 2008

Sea dragon

Spring, if only for a few hours

During the brief period of time when the sun was shining today, shadowdaddy and I made it to Richmond Park. There was a bit of a mist everywhere, but it was warm and lovely and I thought I just might get overheated in my long sleeved t-shirt. And I saw a green woodpecker. I didn't know it was a green woodpecker at the time, it was just a very green bird with a red stripe on its head and a very woodpeckery beak and body, but I said, "Look! It's a woodpecker!" And later we found a sign showing different kinds of wild beasts that live in the park and indeed there is a Green Woodpecker.

By 6:30 the clouds had rolled in, but we were back home on the sofa, drinking Anhui White Monkey Hair tea and watching the rain bounce off of the window. I would actually like a little more spring, please, but I'm glad I got to have even a little bit of it.