April 22nd, 2008

Proust quote

Major Barbara and The Prisoner and the Fugitive (Proust) update

Major Barbara last night was a lot of fun - it's great to see such a well-written play performed so sharply. Shaw always leaves me thinking about the lives of his characters before and after the moment of the plays, so I'm thinking he's probably hitting my limited pantheon of "great" writers (ooh, I am able to pick out the Nobel prize winners, aren't I something!). I was particularly amused my how the play was so perfectly au courant for 1905 and yet so completely engaging, something that won't be true for Angels in America as time goes on, I fear. My review's up here though I can't really add much to the West End Whingers.

Proust is really rocketing along - I'm at page 330 of The Prisoner and the Fugitive, and I've caught myself reading it when I'm not on the Tube. Lord, what is happening to me? He's pretending to break up with his girlfriend in order to make her give up her wishes to spend time with people who make him jealous, and I'm finding it all just ... well, twisted, but also a sadly timeless tactic. My suspicion is that it is going to backfire on him, but we'll see.
London Biker

the rowing machine is so dull

I have a huge knot between my shoulderblades - my rhomboids, which always take my stress - so today I tried a muscle-exercising machine to see if I can loosen it up. The guy who showed me how to use the machine in question also suggested I row with my arms held higher up, so that I'm coming in with the handle at the top of my bra, more or less. We'll see if it feels better later on today or not.

I had the machine set to 6 instead of 8 so I could go faster today, figuring my heart would work more on speed than on weight-pulling, so I managed 30 strokes per minute, even though my rate was 2:36.0/500, so slowish. I did get my heart up to 156 bpm so I think my strategy was pretty good.

Back to work now ... ballet tonight.