April 29th, 2008

Proust book

Holiday in the sun and yesterday's exercise notes - and Proust!

Let's see ... I was kind of cracking up yesterday at work when I saw this article on the rise in popularity of nudist vacations. The big laughs were from how amusingly work-safe the pictures were - it was funny how an arm just wound up here and a hat blocked there.

I did make it to the gym yesterday but was too busy to blog about it - I spent all of my time figuring out how much time I had left to do some work and then being asked to recalculate it, thereby losing more time. My split time was an abyssmal 2:39.7, showing my boredom, but I got my heart rate up to 147 BPM, much better than last Wednesday (stroke rate 30 so not too shabby). I'd like to figure out how to get a higher heart rate while biking - I'm going at the right speed but it doesn't seem to be having enough of an effect.

I didn't take Proust with me this weekend and was kind of missing it, except for the weight (and the fact it let me rip through another Charlaine Harris novel). I'm at 349 of The Prisoner, making great progress, only 35 more pages until the end ... of this half of the book.

I've also pretty well decided that I'm going to do a manatee swim/snorkel trip in Florida, as there's one that leaves on Fridays in Orlando and I can easily skip the farewell lecture at the conference and do that instead. I'll link to it when I get to work. (LATER: link here.) It's about $120, but I think it sounds so cool - who knows when I'll ever get to see manatees again? And I think it will help me deal with being so pathetically lonely for a week. I'm really wishing I'd found someone to join me there, but it's just too expensive for pretty much everyone I know to come to Florida just to hang out with me for a few days.
London Biker

I am good and I went to the gym. Work is otherwise boring.

I went to the gym today and had a lesson on how to use the triceps machine. I did better today than I have been - 2:35.7/split, unsurprisingly resulting in a 160 bpm heartrate. I also came in at 30 SPM, so I keep rowing faster.

Truth be told I didn't need to go to the gym today, but thanks to Gat Xino's screwup I'm thin on cash this week and eating lunch at work. So I figure if I'm dining al desko, I might as well do something with all of the time I have left to entertain myself, which in my case involves sitting on an exercise bike reading Laurell K. Hamilton, which only requires the exact amount of brainpower I can put out while I'm on an exercise bike. Vampire killers at the gym, yep, it's all full of irony. I will try to improve things for me by going to a pilates workout at the Y this week, which would make me very happy. With luck I'll have better developed muscles than the last time I went and I'll be able to handle the exercise better than last time.

I am the joke of the day

I got an email from the security team at Tango Foxtrot today asking if I had a website open that had a rotating advertisement for "datinggold.com" in it as it was messing up our "stats," and asking if I had perhaps left it on overnight, pinging and pinging again it's corporate overlord.

I did. I had. And guess what? I'm singlehandedly responsible for a huge spike in the recorded number of our company's employee visits to porn sites. Thanks, 1FM, for choosing a sleazy company as an advertiser, and thanks to WebSense for marking a dating site with links to webcams as an "adult content" site.

You've got phone!

Well! Of all things, I got a call from my friend "Josela," my former coworker from Tripadelic, and he had nothing to do tonight either! I was halfway on my way home when he called, so I invited him over, and now he's going to be having spaghetti alla carretiera and stuffed green peppers for dinner. Yay!