May 1st, 2008


Today is made of ... Pilates!

Wow! I went to Pilates at the Y today and it kicked my ass. I am shaky all over the place. And it feels great! I can really tell that I've been putting some muscles on doing the "gym" stuff as I was able to handle things that involved not just supporting my upper body weight with my arms but using them to move my body (as I was on a sliding platform) ... and it went fine! One of these exercises involved standing up on the sliding platform, bending at the waist to grab a bar at knee level (in front of me), then moving the sliding platform with my stomach muscles - and I was even able to do that. (This is called "the elephant" for those who care.) Man, I'm feeling so chuffed I want to take the instructor out to lunch.

But instead I'm back at work, wolfing down my leftovers from last night (this has been the week of tiny budget for me) and wondering where, oh where, did my prepaid Pilates card go? £30 pounds of fun, lost somewhere - maybe in the floor of the other gym. Boo.

Tonight, my fourth night in a row at home, only this time I'm going to remember to pack, really.

Chinese food and packing

Rather than watching shadowdaddy make me food, I watched him not eat while I devoured several items of dim sum (and a big plate of barbequed pork and duck) at Inn Noodle. Yum. I got held up at work until almost 6:30, listening to my boss's boss give me advice on improving my presentation for StarEast. I think his advice will good and I'll revamp it all tomorrow, aiming to be ready to roll at 2 PM to re-present it to my coworkers.

Tonight I packed. I'm pretty much ready to roll except for the inevitable "Uh, what books do I want to bring with me?" Since I'll be spending so much time alone, this is pretty critical. I mean, look at the hotel, it's kind of cute, but one can only swim so much. I've also packed my copy of Citadels, figuring there have to be SOME geeks at a QA conference. I mean, I don't know - you think I might find one or two?