May 4th, 2008

Sea dragon

Welcome to sleep dysfunction

Urk. 9:30 Orlando time and I am up. Supposedly I've had enough sleep but I feel groggy and out of it. I just finished a second bowl of Lucky Charms - I haven't had them in an awfully long time - and I've got a cup of China Keemun by my side and ready to go. The water here tastes ... sulfurous? I think it has something to do with all of the calcite the water goes through (if I'm remembering the geology correctly), but ... I bought bottled water last night for tea making purposes. I realize I'm feeling a little aggravated about a $15 taxi charge to get back to my hotel when somehow it was only $7 to get to restaurant. I need to pay attention to the cab fares or learn which company isn't the rip-off one. I was certainly glad not to be lugging back a gallon of water and three bags of groceries on foot, though. I also figured out which bus picks up nearby, but the service is not so good in the evenings - only once an hour after nine. That said, it's enough for me to plan when I need to leave to come home - the one I took down here was very good about keeping on its schedule.

I also noticed that there's a cinema up where the restaurant was. Wow, a Jackie Chan/Jet Li movie is playing! I may try to check that out, although after reading ironymaiden's glowing writeup of Iron Man, I may see that instead. Or both of them - I've got a week, although doubtlessly I should be eating chicken wings and watching Arabian horses prancing around while I nosh instead.

PS: Free wireless in the room plus working cell phone = yay!