May 15th, 2008

Sea dragon

May 15th ... fifteen years ago today

It seems like I should have a special icon for this, but actually this one is pretty good.

Happy 15th anniversary, shadowdaddy! Glad it wasn't raining like this when we had our big do back when we wuz just kids as it would have made for one wet reception.

Apparently this is the crystal anniversary - shall I go for some whiskey tumblers? ;-)

Looking forward to a wonderful evening at the Arcola tonight. :-)

Dreaming of you

I dreamed last night that I was back in Seattle.

The streets had changed, buildings were gone that I had known. The Coffee Messiah had been repainted - inside the walls were plain white and the furniture all made of aluminum tubes. The owner didn't care at all about the history of the place.

I went looking for vorona. She'd moved into a crummy but cheap shared house, and my old cat, Hestia, was walking around. I leafed through my copy of In Search of Lost Time while I was waiting for her. Inside of it, two pages had been replaced with similar ones that announced the wedding of two of my friends back in Seattle (something which really happened). I thought it was funny that they'd known they were going to get married for so long that they were able to jimmy my book like that.

And then finally I saw vorona and gave her a big hug. She seemed thin and fragile. I realized as I said goodbye that I didn't know when I would see her again, and it made me start crying.

So there you go - Seattle, I dream of you.