May 18th, 2008


Back from Genoa

Lord, if I have learned anything this weekend, it was "Do not just give yourself so little time between trips." I think I slept about half of the time I was gone, to the extent that I fully missed going out to dinner on Friday night and was in bed by 10:30 last night. From now on, I will have at least a full weekend off between trips out of town.

Genoa: good food, but not too much to do, really. Saw a nice painting by Fra Filipo Lippi and a couple of Veroneses in the Palazzo Blanco. The aquarium was GREAT. Also saw piles of prostitutes on the "Avenue of the Maddelena" and appreciated the irony, though I wondered just how much business there was at 11 in the morning on a Saturday. Got rained on. Enjoyed the medieval quarter quite a bit and just generally loved being in a town full of Italian people doing their thing. Made relaxing a goal and managed that well enough.

We did make it back in time for the party Chez Blondes and saw lots of lovely people, but we were a bit beat and needed to make it back home to get the kitty up to W's for her stay while the building is being sprayed tomorrow so we didn't stay too long. Me, I have two visits to the doctor tomorrow - one to the GP and one for the heart stuff - so it will be a short day at work. I'm happy about that because I'm feeling bored silly at work and I'm not really engaged by what I'm doing.

Much more engaging: my exercise program. I went two more times this week and didn't write about it (I think), once doing 20 minutes biking (but not getting my heart rate up high enough), once doing 5 minutes rowing and 15 minutes biking. We'll see if I can find the right balance so I don't get so bored I quit the whole thing. My nine week membership is up in ten days, and, sadly, I'm actually liking the idea of not going any more, despite the fact I'm sure my blood preure hasn't actually gone down one little bit.