May 25th, 2008


I am apparently low on energy

Today consisted of not much after making a potato/sausage/bacon/onion scramble thing - I went back to bed again and napped and was mostly incoherent until around 3. At four we walked up to Hammersmith via the Thames Path, but the wind was blowing enough that we were having lots of dirt and leaves and stuff kicked in our eyes - not too pleasant.

We took the bus back, cleaned up, and went to booklectic's for the Eurovision party. It was pretty silly overall - I mean, a band with pirates? I didn't really feel like waiting forever for them to finish each of the 35 countries announcing who'd won, so we headed back home in time to catch the 11PM train. Now, I think, it's time to call it a night. Based on the current weather forecast, I'm thinking that cleaning the house and watching a movie are going to be about all that's in store for tomorrow.

It seems like a perfect day for late spring cleaning

Again, I have slept late. I've been getting quite a kick out of reading my Jasper Fforde book about who killed Humpty Dumpty. I'm currently guessing Rapunzel. W thinks it's not what it's cracked up to be; J thinks it's all a big yolk. I'm personally enjoyed reading a hard boiled detective novel like this one.

What with the clouds and rain my incentive for doing stuff is pretty much flatlined today, but it's a perfect chance to clean and clean - I need to get a lot of clothes put away and get the living room and dining room in good order. I feel like this is a great opportunity for me to switch my warm weather clothes in and repack the boxes we still haven't unpacked from the move - the ones that need to actually just be repacked again (we have new boxes for this purpose). The only real disadvantage here is that there is no hot water in the building as the boiler has gone down. I'd also like to call my brother and my sister today ... and I'm planning on catching the 4:45 Iron Man at the Putney Odeon. Better late than never, I say ...

A great way to get rid of extra zucchini (recipe) - Tortiglioni with courgette sauce

This recipe reminds me of a vegetarian carbonara - it's quite good. It's impressive what you can do with so few ingredients! This is what we just had for lunch, yet another winner from the Real Sicilian Cookery book. Tomorrow I'm going to try the pasta Nciaciata - one veggie pan (which probably is a different recipe if you're being a traditionalist) and one meat pan. I bet it will be great!

Zucchini pasta (Courgettes pasta)
Note: the kind of pasta you use doesn't really matter - you just want something fairly chunky
400 g pasta (enough for 4 people)
500 g zucchini (about four)
100 g of soft cheese (ricotta - I used about half a cup)
100 g parmesan
30 g margarine (I used two tablespoons butter)
1 egg (yolk only)
salt and pepper
olive oil

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I am not at Iron Man right now - I spent about two hours going through boxes of stuff, was obliged to dash out to buy groceries before the 5 PM Sunday closing time, and am tuckered out now. Maybe later ... though shadowdaddy says he wants to come home and play some of our new board games and drink green tea martinis later, which I think sounds like a right pleasant Sunday evening.
Sea dragon

My ongoing European education

So, in case you were wondering what Eurovision is (I wasn't, particularly), I'd like to give you the opportunity to see the best performance of the night. I'm sure, if you're American, every now and then you wonder about some of the stuff that becomes popular over here in England (such as the person they call "Kylie" here, but whom, as an American, I refer to as, "Who?"), although of course what with brilliant musicians such as Amy Winehouse there's not much to be said in general. This, however, is a whole different school - the school of "Europop." (In my mind it's what would happen if Adam and the Ants were going nowadays, something which I consider a very tasty idea.)

Musically speaking, I enjoyed best the contestant from Armenia (good voice, knows how to work her skirt) - but those Latvians, they were playing to the back of the stadium.