May 27th, 2008


Three day weekend wrapup

As it turns out, I did very little over the last three days. The good news is that it was a very inexpensive weekend - all we bought was dinner on Friday night and groceries. What's sad is that there were some things I was actually really interested in doing - primarily seeing the art exhibit currently on at the Dulwich Picture Gallery - that just didn't happen. However, it's rare that I have the discipline to really sink my teeth into boring household reorganizing activities, and there wasn't a pile of very attractive weather to distract me - and I did really need a break from all of the to-ing and fro-ing of the previous month.

Yesterday I basically hopped on the making breakfast bandwagon (shadowdaddy being too clubbed out to do crepes), then went immediately into dinner making - two pans of Pasta Nciata (or however you spell that), a sort of layered, mostly-cheese-free lasagne-like Sicilian dish, one regular (with meat sauce), one vegan. rik, jillzilla (a new flist member!), and lovingboth all made it over within a few minutes of each other, shortly after 1 PM, which left us with a core group of six and, well, a bit of a limited game selection for a six player group (due to some extent to the six person games that were voted unplayable by different group members). We had been expecting four other people (thus the second pan of pasta), but as it turned out, it was just us all day long - no surprise given the craptastic weather yesterday (cold with wind blowing the rain sideways? What kind of summer preview was THAT?).

Games played were Alhambra; a game like Streetcar but with an Oriental look to it (Tsuro? played twice); Citadels (played in the living room so we could better enjoy the natural lighting); and, er, something with marbles and a square board with four movable sections that wechler and rik played after they were both really quickly knocked out of the second round of the second game (I need names here!). At this point we split into two groups, and wechsler, lovingboth and I played Primordial Soup while the other folks played (I think) Zendo. This pretty much got us up to 9 PM and the end of the party, and boy, was I worn out! It was a good night, though, even though we never got around to playing Darjeeling or Samurai (soon, I hope!), but I am really worn out.
London Biker

More gymness

Well, I'm supposed to be working my way up to half an hour workouts, starting with 25 minutes workouts this week. However - I forgot as I was busy arguing with the idiots at LA Fitness about how to arrange some sort of renewal for my 9 week membership. Gah! I finally sort of got it sorted out, at least enough to get to work. Today I did some rhomboid stretches (for some reason I have huge knots between my shoulderblades), rowing (3 minutes), biking (13 minutes, during which they found Humpty Dumpty's car), and a little bit of elliptical trainer joke machine (4 minutes, enough to try to build up those muscle sets that proved to me so clearly on Friday that they didn't actually yet exist). So I only managed 20 minutes today and was just barely skimming 150 bpm, but I feel pretty sure I can add more time on the elliptical trainer or the bike - they aren't really boring me like the rowing does.
Sea dragon

Nearing the finish line

I am tired and covered in manatee goo and waiting for a bus and out of cash and lacking tortillas after making a huge effort to try to get some today and all I want to is go back to the room and take a shower and go to bed, but I have to pack and where is that bus?

(NOTE (later): This message brought to you by the vagaries of the space/time/cell phone packet continuum.)